(to reduce your child's unexpected tummy pain and bloating after eating)


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Does your child’s bloating leave you confused and worried?

Are you spending hours a day trying to figure out HOW to solve the bloating and tummy pain?

In this free guide ‘5 Gut Happy Tips To Help Your Child’s Bloating & Tummy Pain’, you’ll learn five simple strategies that will give you the courage to finally start tackling your child’s tummy troubles.

I’m Bahee Van de Bor and I’ve worked with parents to take their children from being anxious, worried about their constipation, loose poop and bloating to finally get on top of what's triggering their tummy troubles.

Here's what you get

Save time and hassles

Easy food swaps to minimise bloating
(you can stop googling and finally start to understand whether you need to go gluten free or not!)

Four other strategies

With tips on the most effective ways to manage bloating without depriving your child of their favourite foods
(also backed by science and research)

Build food positivity

Learn what to give to optimise their diet, bloating and poop.

And yes, we'll cover probiotics.


About Bahee

Fun facts about me. I have authored and published three scientific articles in high ranking journals on renal and the ketogenic diet.

I have worked with iTV news, BBC News, Huffington Post, Independent, Telegraph, Times, Victoria Derbyshire Show and spoken at a number of international and national conferences.

I am also the host of my Kids Nutrition Podcast.

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Bahee Van de Bor is a registered paediatric dietitian. Join Gut Health Programme if you need further help and advice.

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