9 Ways To Manage Constipation Even if Your Child Takes Movicol or Lactulose

It’s too good for words: 9 ways to manage your child’s constipation even if they take Movicol or Lactulose.  It’s ready for you to use at any time.

In fact, just by trying one or more of the tips recommended, you’ll be a step closer to improving your child’s constipation without a ton of effort or time!

Best of all?  I sprinkle in links to relevant blog posts and podcast episodes from KIDS NUTRITION PODCAST so that you always know where to go for more information.

If you want to know how to optimise diet to manage constipation, this one is a MUST FOR YOU.


Download this guide and get the scoop on 9 ways to manage constipation even if your child takes Movicol or Lactulose with:

  • Tips on the most effective ways to manage constipation – without adding weird foods or herbal remedies
  • Links to detailed blog posts and podcast episodes if you want to dive in deeper
  • Easy, tasty recipe ideas to amp up the nutrition, even more, to help you put the tips into practice.

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