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Managing suspected and diagnosed dairy allergy


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Clinical Assessment

We will take a deep dive into your baby or toddler's most troublesome symptoms and any available medical reports.

Dietary Advice

We will discuss your own diet if you are breastfeeding or review your baby and toddler's main drink (formula intake, cow's milk and other drinks). You'll receive all the food facts you need via clear and accurate e-guides.

Patient Information Sheets

You don't need to google which foods contain dairy, how to decode the milk ladder or worry that your child isn't getting the right nutrients to grow. You'll get all the necessary information to fully implement the advice.

Improve Your Life

Start to see your baby or toddler finally get on top of symptoms of reflux, sleep, or constipation and gain weight in line with what's normal growth for him/her.

Bahee Van de Bor, Consultant Paediatric Dietitian

As a highly qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and paediatric nutrition for 16 years, you know that you are in the right place.  Book a 3-appointment package to manage colic, eczema and reflux that can be part of delayed cow’s milk protein allergy picture in some children.

As part of the programme if your child has been diagnosed with cow’s milk protein allergy and you would like advice on how to reintroduce dairy back into his/her diet, we will also cover this as part of the programme.

Bahee is a member of the British Dietetic Association and also sits on the BDA Paediatric Group and Maternal and Fertility committees.

She is also the BDA Media spokesperson and was nominated as the best media spokesperson in 2020.

Bahee regularly presents at national conferences including topics on how to navigate children with delayed cow’s milk protein allergy.  These are well attended by medics, dietitians and other health professionals.

Why work as part of a programme?

Success is achieved through consistent efforts and the right nutrition advice from a paediatric dietitian and children’s nutrition expert so that the advice is specific for your child’s requirements.  Only then can things start to get off the ground.

Dietitians are also the only registered health care professionals regulated by law able to give dietary advice to children and adults.

Peace of mind

Immediately banish stress, peace of mind, knowing that you are working with a professional with a world-class experience.

Convenience & Flexibility

Access to me over three video  appointments including email support (so you never need to leave home if you don't want to).


Reassurance and confidence that you have the right information to manage a suspected dairy allergy or how to navigate related symptoms.

No Appointment Delays

Unlike the NHS where you might wait for several months before seeing a paediatrician or dietitian, you'll be offered an appointment within 5 working days of joining the programme. And if you need an urgent appointment, no problem we can arrange that for you too.

What My Clients Say
About Their Experience

ana comsa google review for milk allergy

We got in touch with Bahee as we were extremely worried about our daughter's frequent bowel motions and facial rash.

Since working through the gut health programme, Bahee fine-tuned my diet (as my baby is breastfed).

My daughter's bowel movements have now reduced significantly to a normal rhythm. She is also gaining weight. Her skin is clearer and she no longer has facial rashes.

We count on Bahee and her regular updates to our nutritional plan. It feels great to be in safe hands. We are very pleased with the results we have achieved with Bahee. We are counting on working together to ensure our daughter's health and long-term eating habits.

We contacted Bahee as we were struggling to introduce new foods to my 10 month old daughter (having tried for over 6 months). This was after a history of problems with formula and a non-IGE CMPA diagnosis on the NHS.

Feeding was a daily challenge and it was upsetting to see my daughter suffering still with silent reflux, skin issues and tummy troubles.

Bahee was amazing! She determined another allergy was at play and we swapped to formula number 14! I was very nervous about this due to the history but Bahee explained everything so well and gave me the confidence to do so.

Within two weeks the reflux and skin issues disappeared and now slowly, following Bahee’s expert advice, we are introducing new foods in a controlled manner. Bahee’s knowledge is fantastic, her approach logical and she supports you the entire time (she even called the GP to ensure we got the formula quickly). I can’t thank her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others!

I first reached out to Bahee because my daughter has a dairy allergy and was struggling to put on weight. This was very stressful, worrying and time-consuming trying to work out what to give her.

Working with Bahee helped me to take things step by step and she showed me how to introduce high-calorie snacks. We also discussed meal ideas as well as how to make sure that my daughter is getting enough calcium from the dairy alternatives.

Since completing the Programme my life is much less stressful and my daughter is eating and gaining weight well. It was really worth getting help from Bahee and it really has been life-changing as I felt stuck. I would recommend working with her if you are looking for a paediatric dietitian."

Life was a struggle trying to get to the bottom of what was causing my son’s symptoms. We attended the doctor numerous times but were not taken seriously.

I wasn’t sure that a paediatric dietitian was the right approach but since talking with Bahee, and going through my son’s symptoms and history, we eventually got to the bottom of what has been causing the problem.

I followed the plan and the results were clear to see within days. We feel that we have direction now. We no longer have to guess which foods do or do not agree with him, which is such a big weight off our shoulders. Now my child’s symptoms have resolved and he is also showing some weight gain. Bahee listens to what you have to say and advises through her experience what may also be the best course of action to take.

Bahee is a lovely person who is very kind, welcoming and professional. She was very thorough ensuring all guidance and important information is covered and explained, making sure all options were investigated including a referral to specialist where required.

I would highly recommend her services and I would definitely return for any advice/help that my child needs."

Have used this service for advice about my daughter's cow's milk protein allergy many times, and can't recommend it enough.

Bahee is extremely responsive and gives useful, practical and timely advice, including advice about how to (hopefully) eventually overcome the allergy. It has really helped us as allergy novices!

We first contacted Bahee when our Son was 7 months and being introduced to foods. Bahee has really helped us navigate our Sons' allergies, providing us with a great range of knowledge to help our son with his nutrition.

She has provided on going support in a professional and empathetic way. We would not hesitate to recommend her."

We originally sought Bahee's help after out 15 month year old was still very unwell despite taking the necessary reflux medication and avoiding milk.

As soon as Bahee saw our son she advised we cut out soya along with a variety of other ingredients. She advised on meal plans, gave us links to useful information, sent us episodes of her podcast, and provided a follow up consultation via skype. I would thoroughly recommend visiting Bahee and getting her advise. I wish we had sought it sooner.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely!  This programme has been designed to help both newly diagnosed milk allergy children as well as suspected dairy allergy (even if you are still waiting to see a medical doctor).

All of the appointments are video based via Google Meet/Zoom.  You can download this on your phone, tablet or computer ahead of your initial appointment.

If your baby has an immediately allergy to dairy your GP may or may not organise allergy testing for you.

For children with non-Ige mediated cows milk protein allergy an elimination diet supervised by a paediatric dietitian is the recommended way to establish a diagnosis.  Online allergy tests are not recommended.

Join the programme here.  Once you have joined the programme look out for emails from me which should be in your inbox within 10 minutes inviting you to book a 1-2-1 video consultation with me.

An invoice can be provided for 3 appointments after you purchase the programme.  It will be your responsibility to liaise with your insurance provider for reimbursement.


Join the programme today and start enjoying peace of mind knowing that your baby is in safe hands.

When you confirm your spot on the programme with payment you will be immediately directed to how to book your first initial appointment with Bahee, paediatric dietitian.

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