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Gain time & rebalance

In less than 20 minutes a week, let me teach you how to help your child try new foods. Watch them go from being scared to confident. Goodbye to Dr Google and pointless scrolling time on social media.

Access the right strategy

Break unhelpful habits and routines. Learn how to immediately swap these for mindful practices that are geared to help you consistently nurture a confident eater.

Support & Accountability

Have the courage to ask your burning questions inside a supportive members-only Facebook group. You can also ask questions during the monthly live masterclasses held over zoom.

Is Your Child A Fussy Eater?

You overhear your friends gush over how they finally got their fussy eating child to try new foods.  In fact, everyday, lots of parents around you seem to be moving the needle on getting their child to eat well at mealtimes.

The question is, is your child one of them?  

As a parent, you know that using the right feeding strategies to empower your fussy eating child is key to gaining their trust and for building their confidence.  But you just don’t know where to start.

Not knowing how to help your fussy eater can be upsetting, worrying and stressful.  

But it doesn’t need to be this way.  For those times when you are aimlessly searching the internet, wondering what to try next, my online course the Fussy Eaters Solution is your answer.  

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve probably been told this several times.  By health visitors, doctors, family and friends.

“Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.  It’s just a phase.”

At first you feel reassured, but then you start to have doubts.  Your child hasn’t tried anything new in weeks.  Maybe months.   

Perhaps they gag on the sight of fruit or vegetables or they are stuck on the puree stage.

Some textures are tricky and you are worried that they might be undernourished from years of restrictive eating.

The honest truth?  If your child has persisting fussy eating beyond the two year mark, they are highly unlikely to outgrow it without professional help.

But here’s the thing.  I’m grateful that you have solid support from caring friends and family who can reassure and support you.  Because working with a fussy eater takes time, patience and resilience.

So, let’s go back to that original question.  Is your child regularly eating meals and confidently trying new foods?  Did you know, your child’s willingness to try new foods will be directly tied to the strategies that you use to tackle the fussy eating.

Thoughts on Fussy Eating

Before you can grow your child’s confidence to try new foods, you must identify the reasons for the fussy eating.

Social media, blogs and educational videos are brilliant for picking up ideas, but ideas alone are not enough.  It’s knowing exactly the right sequence of activities and strategies that you can put in place to increase your child’s confidence.

Are you engaging with your child on food related activities or games?  Have you tried to get your child to try new foods and failed?

If your intuition is telling you that your child may not outgrow the fussy eating phase of saying “yuck” then you are right, research shows that persistent fussy eating beyond two years of age will require professional input.  

Read on to see how I can help you devise a super clear action plan with the exact strategies that are proven by science and years of experience on what works.

The good news is

How I Can Help You

I am a children’s dietitian with fifteen years of experience.  Read more about me here.

If you know without a doubt that your child isn’t eating good variety of foods and you are constantly worrying that they might be short on vital nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals for their growth and development…

Then imagine this.  You could be looking back in a few months from now and be saying “my child’s eating has become so much better!  My goodness, he/she is trying new foods”.

You can even start planning on eating out at restaurants and be able to enjoy family meals without tears and battles over the restaurant menu.

So the important question is…do you believe that this can be you?

Perhaps you are overwhelmed and distracted by what well-meaning family, friends or social media tell you to do.

Here’s a scenario.  You spotted an inspiring Instagram post. You thought to yourself, sure I can create this gorgeous looking food art with my child.  You are pumped with motivation and creativity, but when you get to that final moment, your child refuses to touch the food.  

The art project also looks nothing like what you had originally planned to make together, so you feel frustrated and end up right where you had started.

These exact steps that you need to take are inside The Fussy Eater’s Solution Online Course. 

It will give you the power to:

  • Power 1 - Insight
  • Power 2 - Effective Food Talk
  • Power 3 - Get Organised
  • Power 4 - Use Proven Strategies

The power to enjoy the insight on exactly why your child is a fussy eater and what to do about it.

The power of knowing exactly how to engage with your child about food even when meal time battles erupt.

How to plan a nutritious weekly meal planner that your kids will love (no more rescue meals).

Only using proven strategies that are backed by science and research geared to help your fussy eater.


How I'll Get You There

Equipped with this knowledge and action plan, you’ll finally be able to teach your child how to gradually become confident to try new foods. 

Using the strategies inside the course, your child will start to eat the nutrient rich foods their body needs to support healthy growth and development.  You’ll never need to keep worrying about whether they are eating the right foods so that they can concentrate and perform well at nursery or at school.

Fussy Eater's Solution Course

£199 / (value £545 - Summer Promotion))
  • 9 video tutorials (value £397)
  • Downloadable files and worksheets (£50)
  • Tried and tested strategies in a framework designed to engage even the most fussy eating child (priceless)
  • Private members only Facebook group for support and accountability (value £97)
  • Discounted tickets to monthly live group masterclasses via zoom plus live Q&A at the end of the class

Need more information first?  No problem see below.


The best care is on your side

Live Masterclasses

Some aspects of supporting a fussy eating child deserves in-depth discussion. Each month Bahee will take you through a professional presentation of the latest research and scientific evidence in one area to help you dive deeper. Tickets are discounted for members of the Fussy Eaters Solution Course and complimentary for clients working with Bahee on the 1:1 program.

Access to Bahee

Get your most pressing questions answered in the private members only Facebook group or upgrade to book expert consultations with Bahee.

Video Tutorials

Break the rat race cycle of not knowing what to do. You'll no longer worry about how to design a nutritious menu, what to say to your kids at the table or how to deal with stressful meal time battles. Gain insight and clarity through video tutorials from a nutrition expert and paediatric dietitian.

Ready To Solve Fussy Eating?





2:38 h




Learning Path

Welcome video by Bahee Van de Bor, highly specialist paediatric dietitian. 

Video 3 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

In this video tutorial Bahee takes your through how to identify your child’s food preferences and important milestones along that may have impacted on their feeding journey.

Video 11 Min  + 30 Min implementation

Discover your own feeding style and how this may be impacting on your child’s relationship with food.   

Video 26 Min  + 15 Min implementation

There are two video tutorials to help you engage with your fussy eater when designing your very own nutritious menu that your entire family will love.

Video 34 Min  + 60 Min menu plan writing & activity

Packed with practical ideas and recommendations on how to engage with your child to try new foods.

Video 22 Min  + 10 Min read to complete

Also packed with practical ideas and recommendations on how to engage with your child to try new foods.

Video 9 Min  + 10 Min read to complete

There are three video tutorials inside this module.  I give you practical advice as well as what to say to your children at the table.

Video 41 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

This lesson includes helpful recipes and how to engage with your child in the kitchen.

Video 8 Min  + 10 Min read to complete

You are ready to eat out with your child.  I take you through practical and helpful strategies on how to eat out with a picky eater.

Video 8 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Ready To Start the course?



I get it, you are frustrated and willing to put in the time and work required to support your fussy eater, but you want results like yesterday.  Well, I’ve got something special for you.

If you want personalised advice and support, then apply for a package of expert consultations.  Every month, I work with a few parents who choose to work with me on a 1:1 basis.  Packages include monthly coaching consultations over 12 weeks.  Prices start from £599.  Apply >> here.<<


Bahee helped us enormously when our little girl, aged 8 months then, systematically refused to eat solids. Bahee listened to us carefully and instantly pinpointed what we needed to change to move forward with our feeding challenge. Her advice was simple and powerful. From day three our baby girl was eating her meals three times a day. We are incredibly grateful, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Bahee.
Bahee provided valuable advice and support regarding my 13 month old son, who was hardly eating any solids despite all my efforts. I really appreciated Bahee’s gentle and thoughtful approach, and the fact her suggestions were backed up by a wealth of expertise in her specialist area. With her support, we saw immediate improvements in my child’s diet and eating behaviour.
She is an exceptional dietician, she addressed all issues in detail and gave very simple solutions which we thought as parents are very complex. Would highly recommend to any worried parents like us.


Most frequent questions and answers

You have six months of access to the video tutorials.  The downloadable pdf files are yours to keep for life.

The fussy eater’s program is a coaching program that runs for 12 weeks.  During that time you can schedule 3 x 45 minutes video consultations with Bahee, paediatric dietitian.  Once you complete the program, you can continue to access the online fussy eaters course materials and attend the monthly masterclasses for a further 3 months.

Every child is different and so is their journey.  Some children start to try new foods within two weeks of implementing the strategies, whilst other children need more exposure, support and time.  The strategies that I teach inside the course and program are proven to gear you for success. When used consistently it will help you nurture your child to find their inner confidence to try new foods for years to come.

The beta version of the course is currently offered at £199 for 6 months of access.  Grab it at this introductory price before the imminent price increase.

Book a free discovery call and Bahee will take you through a couple of paid program options for working with her.  Prices start at £599.

If you like the idea of self-paced study then this online course is perfect for you.   You can dip into the video tutorials as often as you like, but I do recommend going inside the Learning Hub at least once a week during the first four weeks.  

If you are looking for quick results and your budget allows it, then apply for a place inside the Fussy Eaters Solution Program. During the call Bahee will take you through her Fussy Eaters Solution which gives you access to the course materials plus 1:1 personalised advice through video consultations.  .


You are ready to take action.  You want to be like the other parents whose kids seem to eat just about anything, but something is holding you back

Let me help eliminate any fears you may have.  How about if I share a story with you?

When Nadia (made up name) sought my help for her fussy eating 3-year-old, she had already sought help from other healthcare professionals without any real results.

When we started to work together, she followed my advice diligently.  She was patient, she believed in the process and was willing to give her son the time that he needed to gain the confidence to try new foods.  This is no easy task, as who wouldn’t dream of seeing their fussy eater start to eat new foods straight away, right?

So, it really wasn’t surprising when in less than a month of working with me, her fussy eater started to try foods that he hadn’t eaten in well over a year.

What’s more, not only did he start to try new foods, his positive outlook on food gave his mother the courage that she needed to start reducing his intake of his treasured milk bottles. 

I share this because you probably want to know how children get on when they work with me.

But the transformation that my clients experience is much more profound. 

Stress is genuinely a thing of the past and parents regularly schedule and enjoy family meals with the kids.  No more rescue meals.

This is HUGE and here’s why.

If you don’t have the courage to start the journey of solving fussy eating now, you might never do.

And for Nadia, the strategies that she has learned from working with me will help her support her fussy eating toddler for years to come.

So, if you’d like this kind of transformation and you are ready to put in the time, effort and dedication it takes to help a fussy eater, then can you really afford to not take any action?

See you inside the Fussy Eater’s Solution Course.