Bahee Van de Bor

Paediatric Dietitian & Children's Nutritionist

Bahee Van de Bor

Paediatric Dietitian & Children's Nutritionist

Bahee Van de Bor

Paediatric Dietitian & Children's Nutritionist

End Mealtime Battles

End Mealtime Battles helps parents show their children how to try new foods, without preparing separate meals and gain time for the things that matter most!

If you are:

…then this is FOR YOU!

Is this familiar? You're child's diet is getting more restrictive. They are slowly cutting out foods they used to love and you are running out of foods that they'll happily eat.
You know you shouldn't blame yourself, but you feel lost and you've tried everything.
If that's you then you are not alone.
Raising a nourished child can be lonely, frightening and frustrating. And you've never taken a parenting course on how to help picky eaters, so you're not sure that you're putting time into the right things.
But what if you could learn how to show your child how to try new foods alongside a small group of parents who are working towards the same thing?
Parents who just like you dream of seeing their child taste regular foods like pasta or something with a sauce (never mind the vegetables)!  
And what if you knew that you could get all the support you need from an experienced paediatric dietitian to guide you every step of the way?


You can start solving fussy eating in 6 easy steps!


So just imagine if...

you could make just one meal

instead of multiple separate meals and your child consistently learns to confidently try new foods?

the children look forward to mealtimes

(it’s no longer a dreaded event where you bribe or pressure)

you eat out at restaurants, go to birthday parties and play dates

without worrying or stressing that you need to pack separate back-up foods

you have peace of mind

knowing that you are doing everything right to nurture a nourished child and you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Then my 6 months small group coaching is exactly what you need.

You’ll walk away with a rock-solid plan that supports your child to keep adding new foods into their current list of accepted foods again and again. 

End Mealtime Battles is based on:

What Our Program Graduates Have to Say

Do you believe this can be you too?

You too could be looking back in a few months from now and be saying “my child’s eating has become so much better.  My goodness, they are trying new foods and eating their meals.  It’s such a relief!” Safia, mother of 5 year old, and guest on Kids Nutrition Podcast.


You've probably been told this a hundred times...

By health visitors.


Well-meaning family and friends.

So what’s the statement?

“They’ll grow out of it.  It’s just a phase”

But then you start to have doubts.

Your child hasn’t tried anything new in weeks, maybe months, perhaps it’s been a year.

Perhaps they gag on the sight of fruit and vegetables, or they are stuck on the same list of beige foods.

Certain textures or combinations of foods is a problem and you worry that they might be undernourished from vital vitamin and minerals.




Your child’s willingness to try something new will be directly tied to the actions you take to solve fussy eating. 


The exact steps you need to take will be shared with you inside End Mealtime Battles.

End Mealtime Battles is a results-based programme that helps parents manage and solve picky eating.  You’ll no longer need to cook separate meals, worry about your child’s nutritional intake or growth.  You’ll have a clear plan to support your child learn how to try new foods in a positive and fun way.

Here's what you get in End Mealtime Battles


Access to instant applicable techniques and strategies in the six key areas to help you solve fussy eating via a video course called Fussy Eating Solutions.


With live teaching and masterclasses to go deeper into the strategies.


To make sure you are moving forward and don't get stuck on the practicalities. Bahee will provide direct feedback weekly by email.


Post your questions anytime inside the private group for help in-between calls.


To get personalised feedback on your progress and feeding plan. 1-2-1 calls are booked every 8 weeks.



Because you are a busy parent and life happens.You will be able to access all group call recordings 24/7
in a password locked vault.

End Mealtime Battles is based on positive parenting strategies using a results based framework coupled with group coaching, results-driven accountability and support to pull together everything you need to help your child start trying new foods no matter when your child last ate something new.

End Mealtime Battles is based on:

More Success Stories

Meet your dietitian

Hi, I’m Bahee, a specialist paediatric dietitian. The first time I realised how challenging it can be for children to try new foods,  I was working as a renal dietitian at a world-renowned children’s hospital.  Despite their chronic medical condition once parents used the right strategies, their children started to adopt a positive relationship with food.

Now I help the ‘well child’ and parents like you to master my step-by-step process so that you can reach your dreams of seeing your child try something new for the first time in years!

I’ve shown hundreds of parents how to consistently help their children taste new foods.  If you’re ready to work through a step-by-step process and use these strategies that are not just proven by science but also by their success stories, then join me so that you too can start to enjoy stress-free mealtimes again and again!

Got Questions?



Most frequent questions and answers

It’s a small group coaching programme for up to 9 families per group.  We will meet twice a month via Zoom to help you get the best results – even if your child is on the severe spectrum of fussy eating.  If you join after the first LIVE group consultation call, that’s okay.  You really can join anytime and a recording of all previous meetings will be made available for you to watch so that you can catch up in your own time.  Note that all classes are recorded so you needn’t worry if you miss a class.

Refunds are not offered to services provided.  You will need to commit to 6 months to fully benefit from the programme. We hope that you will love the small group VIP coaching programme and remain part of the community.

Absolutely!  All of the content is hosted behind the password protected edition of UKKIDSNUTRITION Learning Hub.  When you join, you will get instant access with log in details.  You can access the course materials when you wish and you can submit questions if you can’t make any of the LIVE fortnightly group coaching sessions (there are TWO calls per month).

Yes, you  get 1-2-1 expert consultations with me every 8 weeks.  In addition to the group calls, you can book separate ad-hoc 1-2-1 consultations with me if you wish for an additional fee. However, if you prefer only 1-2-1 consultations with direct access to Bahee, then join the 1-2-1 coaching programme.  Book a no obligation call to enquire about that here.

The programme now runs for 6 months so that you have time to learn, implement and then be fully supported with any trouble shooting queries. And after 6 months, if you wish to stay in and continue accessing the course materials and fortnightly classes simply renew your booking.

Great! You can book a free initial 15-minute consultation and I will take you through the details of my 1-2-1 programme with you.

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