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Get Kids Pooping Painfree

Transform your child’s microbiome to achieve soft pain-free stools.

with Bahee Van de Bor
Bahee Van de Bor, Paediatric Dietitian

Let me share with you the only nutrition-based solution your child needs to restore their gut (using gut-friendly foods and natural remedies), so that they never need to worry about painful stools again.

The secret to soft poop

It’s confusing knowing what to do when there are conflicting messages about the best way to solve childhood constipation or loose stools.


From nonsense commercially available intolerance and sensitivity tests recommending unnecessary exclusion diets (including having to avoid sugar), to the advice of trying weird and wonderful concoctions that promise to solve your child’s poop problems, the truth is, they always fail to deliver!  


So it’s no wonder that you might be feeling exasperated and upset that your child’s stools are not improving.


You are frustrated because you’ve tried everything under the sun (including alternative therapies and natural remedies) but nothing has worked.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Then I have good news.

What would change for you if you could finally solve persisting constipation or porridge-like stools?

Maybe you are disappointed after consulting with world-class experts on how to get on top of your child’s constipation or diarrhoea, only to be told to persist with medications.

Or maybe you’ve been told that there’s no other way.

Maybe you are now scared of how their tummy troubles are affecting your child’s relationship with the toilet and you are tired of watching them be in pain.

You wish you didn’t have to cancel parties or play dates at the very last minute because your child has had a poop accident or they just don’t want to do anything.

You are sad to watch them become uncomfortable, bloated and miserable.

And you are tired of feeling stuck.

You just wish you knew exactly what to do so they can enjoy normal activities like nursery, school, sports and play dates without having to worry about poop accidents or unexpected tummy pain.


I bet all of this would change if your child no longer worried about poop accidents, painful stools or a sore bottom.

Introducing the Gut-Friendly Framework, a step-by-step science-based programme that restores your child’s gut from the inside.

Soon they can enjoy pain-free poop every day without unnecessary medications or weird remedies.

Get Kids Pooping Painfree takes all the guesswork out of what to feed your child.

It walks you through a science-based system proven to help relieve your child’s digestive problems like constipation or loose stools, simply by helping you get to the root of the problem.  

You’ll learn to use the best gut healthy foods for your child so that they no longer complain about a sore bottom, be embarrassed about poop accidents or worry that it’s going to hurt when they need to do a poo.

Get Kids Pooping Painfree is a systematic nutrition-based programme that will show you how to feed your child confidently so that you finally know that you are moving in the right direction.  You’ll have a plan that you can trust for your child’s best chance to pass soft and pain-free stools.

Happy clients
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We stopped laxatives in week one!

“From doing Get Kids Pooping Painfree my toddler hasn't taken laxatives for 3 weeks 🙌

She's much happier, she's drinking lots more than she used to and she eats most meals I give her. It has literally changed our lives! Thank you so much!”



Our little girl has been pooing completely pain-free for a few weeks now without medications!

Our little one has been on medications for over a year and we received no guidance, knowledge or advice on how we might be able to help her.
This course gave us the knowledge and confidence to tackle her tummy troubles. We have reduced her dosage of medications already and she’s doing so well!

We will reduce her dosage even further in another few weeks! We can’t thank you enough because our little girl has been pooing completely pain free for a few weeks now!

Amy McCurdy

Julia Young

Meeting other parents in a similar situation to us was priceless!


To meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging. I have become a lot more aware of my son’s intake and realised that he wasn’t quite reaching his target. I now feel a lot more informed about what I need to do to help reduce his constipation.

To be able to meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging, and I found Bahee’s suggestions very useful. I would highly recommend this course (Get Kids Pooping Painfree) to other parents.

Julia Young


No more relying on Dr Google or trips to A&E!


No more second guessing or relying on Dr Google! Having the knowledge to give me the confidence that what I am doing in terms of adjusting my daughter’s diet is actually correct, instead of second guessing and using Dr Google.

Seeing what a positive impact the right amount of gut friendly foods and a good probiotic can have – we feel like we finally have our little girl back. We have also seen an improvement in our little girls eczema, so we are over the moon and ever so thankful that we signed up for this course.

Thank you ever so much, I am going to miss our chats every week.

Marie Lane



I took my child to the doctors so many times but nothing helped.


This course has been invaluable for helping me to understand constipation and how I can best manage this for my son without the use of laxatives on a long term basis.

I had taken my little one to the doctors so many times and never been advised of anything else I could try. I loved finding out the different foods and probiotics I could try to help him and wean him off the laxatives. I am starting to notice a difference already and have now stopped the laxatives by the end of Get Kids Pooping Painfree.

Gemma Brown


Why Get Kids Pooping Painfree?

Once you realise that you need help improving your child’s gut health, most parents turn to Dr Google. This only leads to confusion and overwhelm.

And your paediatrician might frustratingly repeat the same advice about using laxatives or other medications but there’s a little voice inside you that says that you are not getting to the heart of the problem.

So if you are tired of getting nowhere with constipation or loose stools and ready to use a science-based process that has been tried and tested, then Get Kids Pooping Painfree is for you.  

You’ll finally feel empowered and confident that you know how to manage your child’s digestive problems without having to wade through hours of content, late nights of Googling or going back and forth with your child’s doctor.

What other parents said...

"I just wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I made so many notes and loved that you included so many useful and practical tips we can implement straight away.

I was left with a very clear plan on how to tackle my daughters constipation so I’m no longer worrying “if I’m doing the right thing” as I know what to focus on.

I haven’t had any of this kind of advice from our GP and it’s given me such peace of mind on how to help her. I liked that your modules all included so much practical advice and I didn’t have to wade through hours of content to get there.

It was fantastic to be able to ask you questions as we went through the course either on the Facebook group or on the weekly calls and you went out of your way to support us. Thank you for all the reassurance you have given me, I’m no longer stressing and late night googling how to help my daughter and that is invaluable."

"As another dietitian, I was able to learn more about different approaches which you have seen work in practice instead of just what you read in the books.

As we know the wait lists for dietitians can be extensive and this course offers things to try immediately and make a difference to your child quicker than waiting for an appointment.

You will probably find that once you try Bahee's tips there might be no need for that appointment at all.

Such a great idea to make this accessible to all parents awaiting appointments or those not getting information from a reputable source for nutrition."
Leona Mulvihill

What makes Get Kids Pooping different?

As an award winning paediatric dietitian with over 16 years of experience, I’ve helped other parents just like you.  This includes parents of children struggling with constipation or loose stools.  

But too many of these parents have previously relied on Dr Google, laxatives and medications or unnecessary elimination diets to try and get to the bottom of their child’s tummy troubles without success.

They didn’t have the right nutritional strategies or a system that incorporated the key gut-health foods to nurture a healthy digestive system so that children can pass soft stools, pain-free and naturally.

This is where Get Kids Pooping Painfree comes in.

This is the programme that parents asked me to create so that you can finally get on top of your child’s bloating, loose stools or constipation so that you can enjoy peaceful and restful nights knowing your child’s gut health is in tip-top shape.

You’ll finally understand how your child’s nutrition, digestive system and microbiome are linked together so that you can really start to gain momentum on what works and what doesn’t.  You really will no longer waste time searching for answers.

What you’ll walk away with after joining Get Kids Pooping Painfree programme?

Happy clients
all around

Emma Spencer Testimonial

My son is pooing without pain and Movicol


The course has been fantastic! The videos have been really informative and helped me to feel more confident in treating my son’s constipation. We have managed to come off movicol and my son has had a bowel movement everyday.

The fact he is pooing without pain has stopped him from ‘holding in’ or straining and he has begun to show an interest in the potty again. The Q and A sessions have been really useful both to talk to Bahee 1:1 and to listen to other parents journeys and successes.

Emma Spencer




I feel much more confident since taking this course.


It was so helpful to find out about exactly what my son needs to be eating everyday. Knowing that tummy troubles can be solved with nutrition was also reassuring.

I really appreciated how Bahee recommended which types of probiotics are suitable for constipation and diarrhoea.

After doing the course I felt a lot more confident about how to solve my child’s tummy troubles.

Davina Ledermann


What’s included in Get Kids Pooping Pain-free?

4 Modules

Instant access to 4 modules with clear instructions so that you can implement the advice straight away.

4 group coaching calls with Bahee

These are scheduled every week on zoom where I will answer all your questions live in this 4 week course.

Private Facebook Group

Plenty of support inside a private Facebook group for ongoing day to day support.

Templates and workbooks

That help you design the perfect plan to nourish your child’s gut using the recommended and correct gut-friendly foods.

4 weeks of access

To all of the modules, lessons, masterclasses and group call recordings.

List of Microbiome targeted therapies

So you can buy evidence based probiotics specific for children with constipation or diarrhoea.

Here's what you can expect from the modules

Module One

You’ll begin with decoding your child’s digestive system and finally identify why they might be experiencing constipation or loose stools so that you can create a plan to help them start to see real results!  

You’ll also start to feel confident and fully supported to feed your child the main gut-friendly nutrient they need to eat to improve their gut health.

Module Two

We will dive deeper into understanding your child’s microbiome so that you can learn about additional effective natural remedies you can try.  


This includes the key probiotics that your child should try right now so that your child’s gut health is taken care of from all angles. 


You’ll also learn about how to look after your child’s overall health and immunity using food and nutrition.  We’ll cover how to tweak your child’s nutrition plan to continue to get the best results for your child with instructions for easy tummy-friendly swaps that won’t irritate their bellies.

Module Three

Now you’ll start to build on the foundations of how to feed your child using the principles behind the science of feeding so that you can troubleshoot feeding problems even if your child isn’t usually brave enough to try new foods.


Sometimes the missing next step is identifying how to get your child to eat the important gut-friendly foods.  So in this module, you’ll learn exactly how to feed toddlers, school-aged children and adolescents without bribing or battles at the table.

Module Four

In this module, you’ll learn all about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  


We’ll cover diagnosis, symptoms and its management.  We’ll also go through real case studies so that if you suspect IBS for your child, you know exactly what your next steps need to be.

what other parents say


A gift from me to you.


GIFT 1: Masterclass

When you join Get Kids Pooping Painfree, here’s my gift to you.

Are you specifically struggling with a picky eater or just need ideas on strategies that are based on science and the success stories of my clients? 

Then this masterclass is for you! 

Get an overview of how to help your child learn to try new foods in this 50-minutes masterclass.

Yours completely FREE when you join.


GIFT 2: Expert Guide

My second FREE gift when you join Get Kids Pooping Painfree.

Discover 9 foods to avoid for children with tummy troubles and the best gut-friendly alternatives to give them right now, whilst you work through the course materials.

Yours completely FREE when you join.

Who is this for and who is this not for

Who is this for?

This programme is ideal for parents of children who have been struggling with constipation or loose stools.  Your child’s paediatrician may have prescribed laxatives for constipation or other medications for children with porridge-like stools but you now want to move away from solely relying on medications.

For children with watery stools, ideally, your child has already been assessed by a medical doctor or paediatrician who has ruled out potentially serious medical conditions.

If you’ve answered yes to all of this and you’ve read this so far, then I know you are ready to join Get Kids Pooping Painfree.



Who is this not for?

This course is not designed for children diagnosed with active inflammatory bowel problems like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis.

This course is also not for you if you are looking for advice on how to implement the low fodmap diet. Having said that, this course is a recommended starting point for children diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Constipation is a digestive and gut motility problem where children pass fewer than 2-3 stools per week.


When you refer to the Bristol Stool Chart, loose stools may be described as grade 5-6 on the chart.  Diarrhoea is considered to be the passage of watery stools (described as grade 7) on the Bristol stool chart.

When you sign up for this programme, you’ll get access to four modules which take you through a 4-step process to alleviate your child’s symptoms of constipation or loose stools.

On top of all of the modules, you’ll be invited to attend 3 x 60 minutes group zoom sessions which are hosted monthly.  During the sessions, you can ask me any questions you may have about the content inside the programme. 

You will have access to the call recordings and all of the video content for 3 months.

Each module is approximately 30 minutes long which are broken up into shorter lessons.  You can watch these anytime (you will get access to the modules that are held behind a password-protected section of the Learning Hub).

Weekly Q&A calls are held on zoom and are approximately 60 minutes long.

When you purchase Get Kids Pooping Pain-free you will receive emails from me with all of the necessary next steps.  I look forward to working with you.

No problem, I have an entire module dedicated to how to help your child become confident about trying the essential gut-friendly foods without bribing or mealtime tantrums.

All of the advice covered in the constipation arm of Get Kids Pooping Painfree is relevant for helping your child with IBS type constipation.

You will also have access to a module dedicated specifically to irritable bowel syndrome and what to focus on right now.   

Get Kids Pooping Painfree is a brilliant first step for all children diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.  You might find that the initial dietary modifications are all you need to do, to get the transformations that you are looking for.  

If you notice improvements in your child’s stool and would like to try the gentle low fodmap diet specifically designed for children with IBS, then join my 1-2-1 IBS Kids Programme.

Whilst many of the children I’ve worked with have enjoyed pain-free stools as a result of my programmes, I am unable to guarantee results. 

This is because every child is different and your success will very much depend on your child’s pre-existing medical conditions and how you implement the advice.

I will of course be there every step of the way to guide and support you.

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