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This course is for parents of children under 15 years of age who prefer natural methods to enhance gut health and children’s immunity. 

This course will help you to identify the correct gut-friendly foods to maximise soft regular poop. Also suitable for parents who have tried various remedies unsuccessfully and want answers on how to enhance their child’s digestive health.


Step by step instructions

Identify how to get to the bottom of the problem so you can start managing constipation effectively.

Clarity & Confidence

Gain clarity and confidence about which foods you can and cannot give to restore and optimise your child’s gut. We’ll cover two new methods to improve your child's gut health and immunity for their best chance to poop naturally.

Plan Action Strategy

During unexpected acute constipation, learn the only recipe your child needs to pass soft poop naturally all whilst learning how to reduce laxatives for the long-term.

Bahee Van de Bor

Registered Dietitian

As a highly qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and paediatric nutrition for 16 years, you know that you are in the right place. 

Bahee is a member of the British Dietetic Association and also sits on the BDA Paediatric Group and Maternal & Fertility committees.

You’ll also find me presenting regularly at professional conferences and webinars that are well attended by medics and dietitians.

But here’s my story.  Many families come to me for help because their child may have suspected dairy allergy or irritable bowel syndrome that triggers poop problems for their children.

Through gentle nutrition and gut-friendly foods, I help my clients use a step by step process to identify foods that may be triggering constipation and diarrhoea so that their child can lead happy and stress-free lives.

You will soon only need to focus on the joys of parenthood without hassle and worry.

If you are looking for help with constipation, then join the next live round of Get Kids Pooping Pain-free.

Success stories


We stopped laxatives in week one!

“From doing Get Kids Pooping Painfree my toddler hasn't taken laxatives for 3 weeks 🙌 she's much happier, she's drinking lots more than she used to and she eats most meals I give her. It has literally changed our lives! Thank you so much!.”
Mother of toddler

Our little girl has been pooing completely pain-free for a few weeks now without laxatives!

"Our little one has been on laxatives for over a year and we received no guidance, knowledge or advice on how we might be able to help her. This course gave us the knowledge and confidence to tackle her constipation. We have reduced her dosage of laxatives already and she’s doing so well! We will reduce her dosage even further in another few weeks! We can’t thank you enough because our little girl has been pooing completely pain free for a few weeks now!.”
Amy McCurdy
Grateful parent

Guidance and support every step of the way for regular soft poop.

Whatever your nutrition goals are, I will be right there, alongside you in your journey towards helping your child conquer constipation.

Weekly video Modules

Easy to follow video based learning modules packed with longer term strategies to manage constipation. Included are achievable strategies, such as meal planning tips, how to manage picky eating, which gut-friendly foods to focus on, as well as how to look after your child's microbiome.

Weekly Zoom Calls

Get professional nutrition consultations and support in a safe group setting to manage constipation so you no longer have to lie awake at night worrying about whether you are following the right plan for your child.

Customizable plans, workbooks & recipes

Get access to downloadable guides, workbooks and pdf cheat sheets so that you never need to rely on Dr Google again!

Plan to reduce laxatives

You'll get the information you need to confidently reduce your child's laxative dose with useful and practical tips so that you can start implementing the plan straight away.

Plus learn two new methods to improve your child's gut health and immunity for their best chance to poop naturally!

More Testimonials

To meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging.

I have become a lot more aware of my son's intake and realised that he wasn't quite reaching his target. I have found recording his bowel movements an invaluable tool and I now feel a lot more informed about what I need to do to help reduce his constipation.

To be able to meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging, and I found Bahee's suggestions very useful. I would highly recommend this course (Get Kids Pooping Painfree) to other parents.
Julia Young
Parent of school-aged child

No more second guessing or relying on Dr Google!

Having the knowledge to give me the confidence that what I am doing in terms of adjusting my daughter’s diet is actually correct, instead of second guessing and using Dr Google.

Seeing what a positive impact the right amount of gut friendly foods and a good probiotic can have - we feel like we finally have our little girl back.

We have also seen an improvement in our little girls eczema, so we are over the moon and ever so thankful that we signed up for this course. Thank you ever so much, I am going to miss our chats every week.
Marie Lane
Parent of toddler

I took my child to the doctors so many times but nothing helped.

This course has been invaluable for helping me to understand constipation and how I can best manage this for my son without the use of laxatives on a long term basis.

I had taken my little one to the doctors so many times and never been advised of anything else I could try. I loved finding out the different foods and probiotics I could try to help him and wean him off the laxatives. I am starting to notice a difference already and have now stopped the laxatives by the end of Get Kids Pooping Painfree.
Gemma Brown
Parent of school-aged child

I feel much more confident since taking this course.

It was so helpful to find out about exactly what my son needs to be eating everyday. Knowing that there is no one food that leads to constipation was also reassuring.

I really appreciated how Bahee recommended which types of probiotics are suitable for constipation. After doing the course I felt a lot more confident about how to solve my child's constipation.
Davina Ledermann
Parent of toddler

My son is pooing without pain and Movicol

The course has been fantastic! The videos have been really informative and helped me to feel more confident in treating my son's constipation. We have managed to come off movicol and my son has had a bowel movement everyday.

The fact he is pooing without pain has stopped him from 'holding in' or straining and he has begun to show an interest in the potty again. The Q and A sessions have been really useful both to talk to Bahee 1:1 and to listen to other parents journeys and successes.
Emma Spencer
Parent of toddler

I learned new ways to help children even with a dietetics background!

Doing this course 'Get Kids Pooping Painfree' with a dietetics background myself, it was great to learn new ways to help a child who struggles with constipation without using laxatives or things like Pedgicol.

Bahee covers all the bases and you really feel equiped to help your child.
Registered dietitian

We would never have been able to help our daughter without this course.

The skills you have given us have changed my daughter's life in terms of being able to pass stool easier. She has a much healthier & varied diet that will instil a good relationship with food going forwards.

I was able to reduce the amount of laxatives I gave my daughter quite quickly after starting the course after understanding the importance of the correct gut-friendly foods. This helped us relax slightly & then we were able to concentrate on learning more from the following modules. I found the modules each week perfect to fit into our busy family lives & enjoyed being able to listen to Bahee describing each part of the module.

I found all the information extremely helpful & encouraging. I would highly recommended the course to anyone having the same difficulties that we have had with our daughter's constipation.
Natalie Barlow
Parent of toddler

The picky eating module has been a game changer!

I've got so much information out of Get Kids Pooping Painfree, for things that are relevant currently in the form of picky eating and ways of helping my daughter without the focus being directly on food, but also information for the future so I know exactly what I need to implement as she becomes more comfortable with food.

I've seen improvements already in that she'll now sit at the table to eat with us and she's started taking more of an interest in food, and trying things she hasn't had before. She's also eating more in quantity some of the time too which is so lovely to see. Her bowel movements have become easier for her to pass so I'm really confident that as her interest in food grows, the constipation problems will be solved. Thank you so so much for this course, I feel so much happier and positive about where to go now with helping my daughter and really recommend it!
Emma Parker
Parent of toddler

I now have peace of mind that I'm doing the right thing.

I just wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I made so many notes and loved that you included so many useful and practical tips we can implement straight away.

I was left with a very clear plan on how to tackle my daughters constipation so I’m no longer worrying “if I’m doing the right thing” as I know what to focus on.

I haven’t had any of this kind of advice from our GP and it’s given me such peace of mind on how to help her. I liked that your modules all included so much practical advice and I didn’t have to wade through hours of content to get there.

It was fantastic to be able to ask you questions as we went through the course either on the Facebook group or on the weekly calls and you went out of your way to support us. Thank you for all the reassurance you have given me, I’m no longer stressing and late night googling how to help my daughter and that is invaluable.
Parent of toddler

This course exceeded all my expectations!

I wasn’t sure what to expect of a group course to try and treat my kids’ constipation, but Bahee exceeded all expectations!

The modules were packed full of helpful information and advice, but were still easy to understand and offered very practical guidance. I learned a lot about natural ways to treat constipation, and as a result my daughter has been able to reduce the amount of laxatives she takes.

I am confident that we will be able to come off it in time with more dietary tweaks. The course also helped flag a potential cows milk protein allergy in my son, which we will investigate further.

Bahee has been so generous with her time and support over the 4 weeks. She is so responsive to messages, and gives detailed replies on the facebook page that everyone can learn from. She also has an immense knowledge of brands and foods that are helpful for constipation, including for those with food allergies.

The weekly zoom calls were a lovely chance to get tailored support from Bahee and also learn from and support others going through the course. It definitely helped to normalise constipation in kids, so you don’t feel like you’re the only one going through it, and also to motivate you to keep going. I couldn’t recommend the course more highly - thank you Bahee, you are amazing!
Lorna Potter
Parent of school aged child

Get everything you need to nail constipation in this course.

The mentor is so nice. And she give you all thing you need that help your problem better, inside Get Kids Pooping Painfree.
Parent of toddler

This course will give you the right knowledge to solve constipation.

The course is a great way of gaining knowledge on the topic of constipation in children. The pace and content is well pitched and there are some great practical tips with regards to improving diet and making it more gut friendly.
Parent of school aged child

I feel armed with the tools we need to deal with this, thank you so much!

Get Kids Pooping Painfree has been so helpful in giving me an understanding and longer term strategies to deal with constipation.

The learning materials were easy to follow and manageable but really informative.

Bahee has also taken into account how to help parents get started and offers achievable strategies, such as meal planning tips, which mean you can get stuck in rather than feeling overwhelmed. I feel armed with the tools we need to deal with this, thank you so much!
Parent of school aged child

My son is no longer taking Lactulose!

I found Get Kids Pooping Painfree very useful. I had done my research online about constipation but this course filled a lot of very important dots that were missing.

My son had an improvement the 2nd day of the course. He was taking Lactulose, the third day we stopped and he hasn’t taken it ever since. I would highly recommend it. Thank you, I’m very grateful.
Oltiona Xhixhi
Parent of toddler

Thank you very much!

Bahee will explain to you how important is food and the correct gut-friendly foods, also the drinking regime, and give you advise with probiotics and what to do with picky children. Thank you very much.
Parent of toddler

A big big thank you for putting the time and effort into educating everyone on this very common issue.

As another dietitian, I was able to learn more about different approaches which you have seen work in practice instead of just what you read in the books.

As we know the wait lists for dietitians can be extensive and this course offers things to try immediately and make a difference to your child quicker than waiting for an appointment. You will probably find that once you try Bahee's tips there might be no need for that appointment at all.

Such a great idea to make this accessible to all parents awaiting appointments or those not getting information from a reputable source for nutrition.
Leona Mulvihill
Registered dietitian & Parent

My children are calmer and all of us can finally sleep better!

My children have troubles with painful stomach especially during the night. That is why I signed up for this course. It was eye opening as I did not know something like Irritable bowel syndrome existed.

I am so glad I know now how to recognise it and begin to treat it. We found out so much about digesting and nutrition facts.

It was done very professionally and in detail. There are so many possible problems and causes of troubles with digestion. Fortunately, some of these can be treated with the change of diet. That was also what was recommended some diet possibilities.

I am grateful that I know more now and my children are calmer and all of us can finally sleep better. Thank you!
Parent of children aged 2 years and older


Constipation is a digestive and gut motility problem where children pass fewer than 2-3 stools per week.

Bahee is a registered paediatric dietitian and cannot give you advice about your child’s laxatives.

You will receive guidance on how to safely reduce laxatives.

It will be your responsibility to communicate any reductions in your child’s laxative dose with your child’s medical doctor.

Get Kids Pooping Pain-free is an online course where you get access to a new module every week.

You’ll get access to weekly downloads in the form of workbooks, pdf files and cheat sheets as well as a weekly group Q&A call on zoom.

Each module is approximately 30 minutes long.  You can watch this anytime (you will get access to the modules that are held in a password protected section of the Learning Hub).

Weekly Q&A sessions are held on zoom and are for approximately 60 minutes long.

When you purchase Get Kids Pooping Pain-free you will receive emails with all the necessary next steps.  I look forward to working with you.

Get Kids Pooping Pain-free is an online course with live group Q&A calls.

If you prefer to work with Bahee Van de Bor, 1-2-1 then you can enrol directly onto the 1-2-1 Gut Health Programme here.

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