Get Kids Pooping Painfree

Learn how to master your child’s microbiome for improved immunity, digestion and soft pain-free stools using eye-opening gut loving foods.


An Essential Programme

This results-based 4-week programme is a must if your child struggles with tummy troubles. You’ll get clarity on exactly what to feed your child for their poop success.

And we don’t just stop there!  You’ll discover exactly what your child should be eating using a step-by-step process so that eating is a joy again without tummy ache or poop problems.

If you are feeling lost about what to feed your child and how to mange tummy troubles, here's how Get Kids Pooping Pain-free can help:

How does it work?


Get my undivided attention
every week in our weekly
confidential and highly rated group coaching calls so that you know exactly how to navigate your child's unique situation.

what to feed

Discover precisely what to feed your child to ensure improved immunity, digestion and happier bellies without drama and emotionally draining incidents at the toilet.


Access to four modules & workbooks to guide your learning AND bonus access to Fussy Eating Solutions video course because tummy troubles can be harder for picky eaters!


Is your child always complaining of tummy pains that lead to constipation or loose stools?


Are you fed up of seeing your child in tummy pain that its heartbreaking and you simply don’t know what to do?

If you are worried that your child’s tummy troubles are triggered by certain foods but you are not 100% sure what to cut out without compromising their nutritional intake, then you need Get Kids Pooping Painfree.

Diet diversity is one of the most crucial elements for optimising your child’s digestive health.

So let me show you how to end this roller coaster journey of medications, tummy pain and sleepless nights so that you can take control of your child’s digestive health and bowels once and for all.

And now your child can be 4 weeks closer to pain-free poop.

If you’re a parent of a child trying to…

Pinpoint foods that trigger tummy troubles in children

No more second-guessing your way through an online web list of foods that likely trigger tummy troubles for children. Instead, gain clarity on exactly what to avoid and what to give without compromising their nutrition so you can take action today.

End overwhelm and create massive momentum on more of what works

Every child is different, but there are certain gut loving foods every child should be eating for a robust microbiome and digestive health.

No more missing school, tummy discomfort and medications to control their stools. Instead learn what really works to overcome constipation or loose stools.

Improve gut health and digestion

So that you can reduce symptoms like bloating, help soften hard stools or improve loose runny stools with easy to source everyday foods that children love (without battles at the table).

And if you are feeling frustrated because you

Then Get Kids Pooping Painfree
is exactly what you need!


£397 (Usually £497)



Want me to help you save hours of research time?

Just imagine if you could only spend time cooking food that is going to help ease your child’s constipation or loose stools and restore their gut from the inside?

When you sign up for this 4-week course with live group coaching, you'll get access to 4 modules, workbooks and downloads to guide your learning. Plus FREE access to Fussy Eating Solutions video course on how to nail picky eating.


Get Kids Pooping Painfree

What’s inside?

Learn how to build a robust microbiome for your child using just eye-opening gut loving foods and microbiome targeted therapies so that your child has a positive relationship with the toilet.

We’ll also cover which foods to give that will nourish and restore their gut to help manage their constipation or loose stools.

You’ll also get access to:

(Usually £497)

Ready for peaceful toileting moments? 


Happy Testimonials

"It was so helpful to find out exactly what my son needs to be eating every day."
Davina Ledermann

Our little girl has been pooing completely pain-free for a few weeks now without medications!

Our little one has been on medications for over a year and we received no guidance, knowledge or advice on how we might be able to help her.
This course gave us the knowledge and confidence to tackle her tummy troubles. We have reduced her dosage of medications already and she’s doing so well!

We will reduce her dosage even further in another few weeks! We can’t thank you enough because our little girl has been pooing completely pain free for a few weeks now!

Amy McCurdy


Meeting other parents in a similar situation to us was priceless!


To meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging. I have become a lot more aware of my son’s intake and realised that he wasn’t quite reaching his target. I now feel a lot more informed about what I need to do to help reduce his constipation.

To be able to meet other parents in a similar situation on the live group sessions was really encouraging, and I found Bahee’s suggestions very useful. I would highly recommend this course (Get Kids Pooping Painfree) to other parents.

Julia Young



I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a group course to try and treat my kids’ constipation, but Bahee exceeded all expectations!  The modules were packed full of helpful information and advice but were still easy to understand and offered very practical guidance. 

I learned a lot about natural ways to treat constipation, and as a result, my daughter has been able to reduce the number of laxatives she takes.  I am confident that we will be able to come off it in time with more dietary tweaks. The course also helped flag a potential cow milk protein allergy in my son, which we will investigate further.

Bahee has been so generous with her time and support. She is so responsive to messages and gives detailed replies on the Facebook page that everyone can learn from.

She also has immense knowledge of brands and foods that are helpful for constipation, including those with food allergies.

The zoom calls were a lovely chance to get tailored support from Bahee and also learn from and support others going through the course. It definitely helped to normalise constipation in kids, so you don’t feel like you’re the only one going through it, and also motivates you to keep going. I couldn’t recommend the course more highly – thank you Bahee, you are amazing!

Lorna Potter



No more relying on Dr Google or trips to A&E!


No more second guessing or relying on Dr Google! Having the knowledge to give me the confidence that what I am doing in terms of adjusting my daughter’s diet is actually correct, instead of second guessing and using Dr Google.

Seeing what a positive impact the right amount of gut friendly foods and a good probiotic can have – we feel like we finally have our little girl back. We have also seen an improvement in our little girls eczema, so we are over the moon and ever so thankful that we signed up for this course.

Thank you ever so much, I am going to miss our chats every week.

Marie Lane



I took my child to the doctors so many times but nothing helped.


This course has been invaluable for helping me to understand constipation and how I can best manage this for my son without the use of laxatives on a long term basis.

I had taken my little one to the doctors so many times and never been advised of anything else I could try. I loved finding out the different foods and probiotics I could try to help him and wean him off the laxatives. I am starting to notice a difference already and have now stopped the laxatives by the end of Get Kids Pooping Painfree.

Gemma Brown



I had a clear plan from the start of the course


I just wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I made so many notes and loved that you included so many useful and practical tips we can implement straight away.

I was left with a very clear plan on how to tackle my child’s tummy troubles so I’m no longer worrying “if I’m doing the right thing” as I know what to focus on.

I haven’t had any of this kind of advice from our GP and it’s given me such peace of mind on how to help her. I liked that your modules all included so much practical advice and I didn’t have to wade through hours of content to get there.

It was fantastic to be able to ask you questions as we went through the course either on the Facebook group or on the weekly calls and you went out of your way to support us. Thank you for all the reassurance you have given me, I’m no longer stressing and late night googling how to help my child and that is invaluable.”





Hi, Im Bahee

As a qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and paediatric nutrition for 16 years, so you know that you are in the right place. 

I’m committed to helping you get on the right path for helping your child with tummy troubles so that constipation or loose stools are a thing of the past.

In this 4-week course, you’ll learn the exact principles and steps for helping your child to start a positive relationship with the toilet through nutrition and microbiome targeted therapies.

Through group coaching and expert video modules you’ll be 4 steps closer to improving your child’s digestive health.  If you are ready to see what’s possible with eye-opening nutrition, join this result-based programme now.


£397 (Usually £497)

Now is your time to start managing your child's tummy troubles through nutrition and gut-friendly foods...

Join by this Sunday 25/09/22 for just £397
(plus access to Fussy Eating Solutions for FREE
value = £397)



Frequently Asked Questions

Constipation is a digestive and gut motility problem where children pass fewer than 2-3 stools per week.  Stools may be graded between 1-3.

When you refer to the Bristol Stool Chart, loose stools may be described as grade 5-6 on the chart.  Diarrhoea is considered to be the passage of watery stools (described as grade 7) on the Bristol stool chart.

When you sign up for this programme, you’ll get access to four modules which take you through a 4-step process to alleviate your child’s symptoms of constipation or loose stools.

On top of all of the modules, you’ll be invited to attend weekly group video consultations which are hosted every week for four weeks. 

During the sessions, you can ask me any questions you may have about the content inside the programme. 

You will have access to the call recordings and all of the video content for 3 months.

Each module is approximately 30 minutes long which are broken up into shorter lessons.  You can watch these anytime (you will get access to the modules that are held behind a password-protected section of the Learning Hub).

Weekly Q&A calls are held on zoom or Business Google Meet and are approximately 60 minutes long.

When you purchase Get Kids Pooping Pain-free you will receive emails from me with all of the necessary next steps.  I look forward to working with you.

No problem, I have an entire module dedicated to how to help your child become confident about trying the essential gut-friendly foods without bribing or mealtime tantrums.

As part of a special offer, you will also get access to my Fussy Eating Solutions video course for 12 weeks.

All of the advice covered in the constipation arm of Get Kids Pooping Painfree is relevant for helping your child with IBS type constipation.

You will also have access to a module dedicated specifically to irritable bowel syndrome and what to focus on right now.   

Get Kids Pooping Painfree is a brilliant first step for all children diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.  You might find that the initial dietary modifications are all you need to do, to get the transformations that you are looking for.  

If you notice improvements in your child’s stool and would like to try the gentle low fodmap diet specifically designed for children with IBS, then join my 1-2-1 IBS Kids Programme.

Whilst many of the children I’ve worked with have enjoyed pain-free stools as a result of my programmes, I am unable to guarantee results. 

This is because every child is different and your success will very much depend on your child’s pre-existing medical conditions and how you implement the advice.

I will of course be there every step of the way to guide and support you.

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