Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is thought of as a grown-up problem, but kids can have it too.

Did you know that the incidence of IBS in children is 15%?  The actual figures may be more as many children don’t get a timely diagnosis until their 20s or 30s! 

If suspect that your child may have IBS, then you are probably looking for help to manage IBS symptoms like:

  • abdominal pain that is typically relieved after a poop
  • bloating with or without visible abdominal distention
  • excessive wind
  • diarrhoea with urgency (+ nappy rash in young children)
  • or constipation with or without soiling.

Depending on the age of your child these symptoms may be affecting your child’s appetite, behaviour and sleep.

A trial of the three-phased FODMAP diet and therefore my IBS Kids Programme is the recommended irritable bowel syndrome treatment to manage your child’s symptoms.  My IBS Kids Programme (1-2-1) will help to identify which foods are causing bloating, pain and tummy troubles for your child.

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Meet Bahee Van de Bor

Paediatric Dietitian

Bahee is an award winning former Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s dietitian.  She practised there for 12 years before setting up her private clinic at Harley Street and virtually.

Bahee is professionally trained on the use of the low FODMAP diet with Monash University.

When you work with Bahee on the IBS Kids Programme, she will review any available investigations, blood results and complete a dietary assessment. 

She will also ask you and your child about their poop patterns.  If this sounds embarrassing, please do not worry. Bahee has worked with children for over 15 years and has always made children feel comfortable sharing this valuable information.

Client Testimonials

Stomach pains reduced significantly

I reached out to Bahee for help as my son had regular light tummy pains.  Since working with her, his stomach pains have reduced significantly.   We also have a framework for dealing with problems in the future.  Bahee showed us how to work through different food groups to isolate the problem. Her manner with my son was excellent and made him feel very comfortable.  Tom Grunwald.

Results were clear to see within days!

Life was a struggle trying to get to the bottom of what was causing my son’s symptoms.  We attended the doctor numerous times but were not taken seriously.  I wasn’t sure that a paediatric dietitian was the right approach but since talking with Bahee, and going through my son’s symptoms and history, we eventually got to the bottom of what has been causing the problem. I followed the plan and the results were clear to see within days.  We feel that we have direction now. We no longer have to guess which foods do or do not agree with him, which is such a big weight off our shoulders. Now my child’s symptoms have resolved and he is also showing some weight gain.  Bahee listens to what you have to say and advises through her experience what may also be the best course of action to take.  Neeta, Google Review

Can I test my child for IBS?

If your child’s predominant symptoms are bloating and diarrhoea with poor growth, then liaise with a paediatrician or gastroenterologist to screen for coeliac disease and other gastrointestinal conditions first.

Children with parental history of IBS and/or chronic pain are at increased risk of developing IBS in childhood.  If you suspect that your child has IBS, get a coeliac screen and book a complimentary call with me.

Other tests like hydrogen breath tests are not useful and should be used and interpreted with caution.  Instead, a 3 phased FODMAP diet is considered the most reliable way of assessing FODMAP tolerance to manage IBS related symptoms in children.

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