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Kickstart your child's gut health to achieve normal poop.

Want to see your child have improved digestion and sleep using a scientifically proven method?  Would you like to finally stop worrying about foods triggering wind, bloating, tummy pain, constipation or unexpected diarrhoea?

ibs kids

“We asked Bahee for help with our son’s constipation and problems with digestion and intolerances/discomfort from many foods. 


Bahee helped put in place easy to follow steps to work on identifying and removing trigger foods.  She also advised on foods and vitamins to help relieve our son’s symptoms.


We then started the process of introducing foods step by step and he is now able to eat most things problem-free without the need for the medication he was on before. 


We would highly recommend Bahee. Our son needed help with a number of things and removing the discomfort that he had with food/digestion has helped him and us in a number of other areas.”

Nick & Laura

IBS KIDS Mastery Method

3 steps to mastering Irritable Bowel Syndrome even if your child takes laxatives or anti-diarrhoea agents to manage their stools.

Your child has been diagnosed with IBS or you suspect this is the case due to family history. 

An exclusion diet is the logical next step.

Now you have questions like these.

Yes, it is - if you do it right and follow my science-based 3-step process!

Hi, I'm Bahee Van de Bor, registered paediatric dietitian and Monash University qualified expert.

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to do something about your child's tummy troubles.

Now let me help you the rest of the way.

My journey started with my own IBS related problems as a teenager.  I never understood why I had tummy pain and bloating after eating certain foods.  Not to mention the unwanted trips to the loo afterwards! 

Now as a mother of two children, I don’t want them to have the same experience.

As a gut health dietitian, I’m on a mission to raise awareness of irritable bowel syndrome in children so that more children get the expert help they deserve early.


I completed my certified FODMAPs course with Monash University so that I can help other children avoid having to wait until their 20s to finally get on top of their IBS related diarrhoea or constipation.

Let’s work together so that your child no longer needs to miss out on important social events or everyday activities like school and sports just because they are ashamed and anxious about their tummy troubles. 

Would you like me to share with you the exact process you need to identify what is triggering your child’s tummy pain with painful stools?

Maybe you are disappointed after consulting with world-class experts on how to get on top of your child’s constipation or diarrhoea, only to be told to persist with medications.


Or maybe you’ve been told that there’s no other way.


Maybe you are now scared of how their tummy troubles are affecting your child’s relationship with the toilet and you are tired of watching them be in pain.


You wish you didn’t have to cancel parties or play dates at the very last minute because your child has had a poop accident or they just don’t want to do anything.


You are sad to watch them become uncomfortable, bloated and miserable.


And you are tired of feeling stuck.


You just wish you knew exactly what to do so they can enjoy normal activities like nursery, school, sports and play dates without having to worry about poop accidents or unexpected tummy pain.

No more stabbing in the dark.  Just science-based nutrition.


Results were clear to see within days!

“Life was a struggle trying to get to the bottom of what was causing my child’s symptoms. We attended the doctor numerous times but were not taken seriously.

I wasn’t sure that a paediatric dietitian was the right approach but after talking with Bahee, and going through my son’s symptoms and history, we eventually got to the bottom of what has been causing the problem.

I followed the plan and the results were clear to see within days. We feel that we have direction now. We no longer have to guess which foods do or do not agree with my child, which is such a big weight off our shoulders. Now my child’s symptoms have resolved and also showing some weight gain. Bahee listens to what you have to say and advises through her experience on what may also be the best course of action to take.”


You are a busy parent so it’s time to stop wasting time on diets that don’t work. Instead, you need my IBS Kids Mastery Method.

The IBS Kids Mastery Method takes all the guesswork out of what to feed your child.

It walks you through a science-based system proven to help alleviate your child’s digestive problems like constipation or loose stools, simply by helping you get to the root of the problem.  

You’ll identify their food triggers and replace these with easy to digest alternatives, so that they no longer complain about a sore bottom, be embarrassed about poop accidents or worry that it’s going to hurt when they need to do a poo.

IBS Kids Mastery Method is a systematic nutrition-based programme that will show you how to feed your child confidently so that you finally know that you are moving in the right direction.  You’ll have a plan that you can trust for your child’s best chance to pass soft and pain-free stools without bloating and tummy pain.

How does the programme work?


The Programme

Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn from me how to carefully execute an exclusion diet designed to reduce tummy pain, bloating and tummy troubles without compromising on your child’s nutrition.


3 Step Framework

A deep dive into the science behind how the low fermentable carbohydrate diet works. During an initial video consultation, I will recommend a specific nutrition pathway for your child.  


The IBS Mastery Method

Working out exactly how to follow the recommended exclusion diet, how to balance nutrition, and monitor your child’s symptoms.  Based on your child’s clinical history and symptoms, we’ll agree on the best plan forward.


The Tools

We’ll go through exactly what you need to make the exclusion diet phase a success.  From guides to monitoring sheets and worksheets, we’ll make this process as easy as possible for you.


Identifying Triggers

Which foods are triggering your child’s tummy troubles and other gut-related symptoms?  How do you really monitor and recognise this?  I’ll show you how to make this a seamless process.  We’ll also discuss how much of each food your child can eat so that nothing is entirely off the table unless it’s truly necessary.


The Management

Once you know what your child’s food triggers are it can be tricky to know how to feed your child moving forward.  We’ll spend time mapping out what a typical day could look like so you know exactly what to feed your child without triggering constipation or loose stools in the future.

IBS KIDS Mastery Method

As a paediatric dietitian with over 16 years of experience, I’ve helped other parents just like you.  This includes parents of children struggling with IBS related constipation or loose stools. 

But too many of these parents have previously relied on Dr Google, laxatives and medications or complicated elimination diets to try and get to the bottom of their child’s tummy troubles without success.

They didn’t have the right nutritional strategies or a system that incorporated my IBS Mastery Method that truly helps nurture a healthy digestive system so that children can pass soft stools, pain-free and naturally.

This is where IBS Kids Mastery Method comes in.  You’ll learn to use a modified reduced fermentable carbohydrate diet suitable for children proven to improve IBS related gut symptoms.

Plus when you join, you’ll get access to the vital resources only parents who participate in the programme receive.

Here’s what you get:

You will get all of the templates, worksheets and diet sheets so that you can keep track of your child’s progress to maximise their poop success.

What you’ll walk away with after joining IBS Kids Mastery Method?

  • You’ll have a bullet-proof nutrition plan your child will enjoy eating so that you never need to worry about hard or painful porridge-like stools
  • You’ll identify the correct gut-friendly foods that resonate with your child’s digestive system to maximise their chances of passing soft pain-free poop
  • You’ll have a good understanding of what you can eliminate in a systemic process so that you can start improving your child’s toileting routine with my proven science-based nutrition process.
  • You’ll learn how to nurture your child’s microbiome with evidence-based natural remedies like probiotics and other gentle remedies so that milestones like toilet training become a breeze!
  • You’ll feel confident and in full control with a plan that shows you know how to solve childhood constipation or diarrhoea using a logical process. You won’t have to rely on laxatives or anti diarrhoea medications in the long term.

Success Stories


Diarrhoea stopped within 5 days
“Bahee has been a breath of fresh air! We had been pushed from pillar to post by GP’s, hospitals and community health centers without getting anywhere nearer to understanding our child's intolerances and allergies. Within a few short weeks we have made significant progress, both in terms of understanding a complex and multifaceted health issue, but also his bowel movements. Done via a combination of emails, Zoom meetings (with slides), the advice is compassionate and personal. Bahee will remember your child by name and his specific symptoms.”

Yuliya (parent of 7 year old boy)

Stomach pains reduced significantly
"I reached out to Bahee for help as my son had regular light tummy pains. Since working with her, his stomach pains have reduced significantly. We also have a framework for dealing with problems in the future. Bahee showed us how to work through different food groups to isolate the problem. Her manner with my son was excellent and made him feel very comfortable."

Tom Grunwald

Have you been thinking of low fodmap diets and special foods to reduce the bloat and painful stools of your child?

You’ve heard that gluten-free and dairy-free diets can help reduce the bloat but you are not sure why it hasn’t worked for your child.

Or maybe you are thinking of trying the low fodmap diet but you are not sure how to structure it so that it is suitable and safe for children.

How about if you could access all the inside tips and 3-step process from a Monash University certified paediatric dietitian who has helped other parents through the exact same process?

Welcome to: IBS KIDS Mastery Method

  • Personalised Advice

    Four 1-2-1 video consultations to personalise your child’s plan

  • Email support

    Email support in-between appointments so that you are always on track

  • Science Based Method

    A science-based method designed to help children struggling with IBS related diarrhoea or constipation

  • Resources

    Worksheets, monitoring forms, diet sheets to successfully execute the plan

Some things you want to know and understand

This programme is ideal for parents of children who have been struggling with constipation or loose stools secondary to IBS.  Your child’s paediatrician may have prescribed laxatives for constipation or other medications for children with porridge-like stools but you now want to move away from relying on medications.

For children with watery stools, ideally, your child has already been assessed by a medical doctor or paediatrician who has ruled out potentially serious medical conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.

If you’ve answered yes to all of this and you’ve read this so far, then I know you are ready to join IBS Kids Mastery.

This programme is not designed for children diagnosed with active inflammatory bowel problems like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)  is a digestive problem in children and adolescents where constipation or diarrhoea is one of their main problems.

IBS is therefore a collection of symptoms as outlined below:

  • Abdominal pain (usually central or lower tummy pain that improves after pooping)
  • Bloating with or without a visibly distended tummy
  • Excessive wind
  • Diarrhoea with urgency (with or without nappy rash)
  • Constipation with soiling and/or with the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is thought of as a grown-up problem, but kids can have it too.

Did you know that the incidence of IBS in children is 15%?  The actual figures may be more as many children don’t get a timely diagnosis until their 20s or 30s! 

If you suspect that your child may have IBS, then you are probably looking for help to manage IBS symptoms like:

  • tummy pain that your child says gets better after a poop
  • bloating with or without visible abdominal distention
  • excessive wind (passing lots of gas)
  • diarrhoea with urgency (+ nappy rash in young children)
  • or constipation with or without soiling.

Depending on the age of your child these symptoms may be affecting your child’s appetite, behaviour, sleep and how well they are able to engage in social activities.

My Children’s Gut Health Programme is the recommended treatment to manage your child’s symptoms. 

My Kids Gut Health Programme (1-2-1) will help you to identify which foods are causing bloating, pain and tummy troubles for your child.

We will also focus on improving how regularly your child does a normal soft poop.

If your child’s predominant symptoms are bloating and diarrhoea with poor growth, then liaise with a paediatrician or gastroenterologist to screen for coeliac disease and other gastrointestinal conditions first.

Children with parental history of IBS and/or chronic pain are at increased risk of developing IBS in childhood.  If you suspect that your child has IBS, get a coeliac screen and book a complimentary call with me.

Other tests like hydrogen breath tests are not useful and should be used and interpreted with caution.  Instead, a personalised modified FODMAP diet is considered the most reliable way of assessing FODMAP tolerance to manage IBS related symptoms in children.

We will work together over 4 consultations, each lasting between 45-60 minutes.  All video consultations will be held via zoom.

You can book a single video 60 minutes consultation here.  During this appointment, you can ask me questions you have about IBS and any first line dietary modifications that you can try.   However to achieve the transformations that you are looking, I recommend that you join the programme.

The first initial appointment is 60 minutes long.

Follow-up sessions are booked for 45 minutes.

You will also be offered e-mail support in-between appointments for 12 weeks so that you will always have any questions answered quickly.

When you purchase the gut health programme for children, you will be requested to send to Bahee any relevant medical reports, growth information such as a recent height and weight and any othe relevant information such as blood results if available.

You will find the full details of the total investment here.

Your child's success
is my success.

Let's meet over a free initial telephone
information call to find out if the programme is a good fit for your child.

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3 Steps To Poop Mastery

How to improve gut health so your child eats, sleep and poop better!