3 Poop Mistakes Exposed


The fastest way to get started with solving tummy troubles so you can stop losing another night's sleep from the stress of not knowing what to do.


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3 Common Poop Mistakes To Avoid
When Managing Constipation or Loose Poop

Unlock clear, up-to-date advice on commercial allergy tests

No more second-guessing. Instead, you will gain insights on food sensitivity tests and how to navigate suspected food allergies and intolerances.

Improve gut health and digestion

Effortlessly without you having to resort to fruit juice or herbal remedies every time.

Understand whether medications are the only solution

YES! Your child can pass soft pain-free stools and slowly reduce laxatives or anti-diarrhoea agents once you start avoiding these common poop mistakes.


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"It was so helpful to find out exactly what my son needs to be eating every day."
Davina Ledermann
"The fact my son is pooing without pain and medications means a lot to us!"
Emma Spencer

Are you feeling frustrated because you:

Download the guide now and stop losing another night’s sleep from the stress of not knowing how to overcome childhood constipation or loose stools.

Instead with my PDF guide, you will walk away with the three main mistakes to avoid so you can save hours of time and money.  Soon you’ll confidently invest only in nutrition strategies that you know delivers meaningful results!



Grab my 3 common poop mistakes exposed guide!

Grab this coloured PDF guide now if you are fed up because the information online is confusing and keeps changing.

You are not a medical professional but you suspect that diet is triggering their tummy troubles and you want to get ahead of what you really need to do to start solving tummy troubles.

Download the FREE 20+ PAGE e-guide now and get in with the most current and up-to-date information.

Get the advice you deserve for managing tummy troubles correctly and effectively so you can enjoy seeing your child happy again.


Hi, I'm Bahee

As a registered paediatric dietitian and former Great Ormond Street Hospital dietitian, I'm committed to helping you avoid making the most common poop mistakes many parents make.

In this expert guide I reveal 3 common poop mistakes, so that you are never confused about what you need to do to solve your child's constipation or loose stools .

Traditionally, parents booked a single video consultation to gain this advice. But today, you can benefit from this advice, simply by downloading my FREE guide: 3 Common Poop Mistakes Exposed.

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3 Common Poop Mistakes Exposed

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