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(without bloating, tummy pain, constipation or loose stools).


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Learn how to break free from the cycle and build food positivity

How you can restore your child’s gut with every day, nutritious and accessible foods.

Bahee helped us identify and remove trigger foods. We then started the process of introducing foods step by step and our son is now able to eat most things problem-free without the need for the medication he needed.

Nick & Laura


Thank you so much for taking your time to help me with this issue, I was a bit stuck of what to do next. I am so grateful for your time and all of the amazing tips you have given me. Thank you so much for your support. I am seeing improvements in my son already!



I now feel more confident in treating my son's constipation. We have managed to come off movicol and my son has had a bowel movement everyday. The fact he is pooing without pain has stopped him from 'holding in' or straining and he has begun to show an interest in the potty again.


We had been pushed from pillar to post by GPs, hospitals and community health centres without getting anywhere nearer to understanding our child's intolerances and allergies. Within a few short weeks, we have made significant progress!


About Bahee

Bahee Van de Bor is an award-winning UK HCPC registered paediatric dietitian.

Her personal experience with childhood IBS has ignited her passion to help other children with gut-related issues transform their lives, so they can experience the joy of symptom-free living.

Snacks play a vital role in improving children's gut health and the right choices can help reduce tummy troubles like loose stools, constipation and tummy pain.

But with so many high-sugar and low-fibre snacks lining the supermarket shelves, it's no wonder parents are struggling to find healthy options that don't trigger tummy pain, constipation, or diarrhoea.

That's where the snack builder comes in! I created a snack builder to help parents like you choose snacks that are both delicious and healthy for your little ones.

Now, you can feel confident in choosing snacks that won't upset your child's tummy, while still satisfying their cravings. So, the next time you're at the supermarket, don't worry, I've got you covered!

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