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How would it feel to reduce the amount of added sugar in your family’s diet?

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This sugar guide and FREE mini course is perfect for you if you are looking to:

  • identify words that mean hidden sugar
  • reduce the amount of total sugar your family is eating
  • accurately learn how to screen food labels for added sugar
  • tips for encouraging fluids apart from sweetened drinks
  • optimise the right types of carbohydrates in your child’s diet

Research shows that kids are eating way more sugar than what’s recommended.  There’s also lots of hidden sugar in pre-manufactured foods.

That’s why I’ve designed this FREE mini course on how to reduce added sugar in your family’s diet.  You’ll receive a beautifully illustrated guide with the words that mean hidden sugar.  You will also receive an email a day for a week teaching you everything you need to know about hidden sugar.

Best of all, this mini course is complimentary and written by a children’s nutritionist and paediatric dietitian.  Enjoy!

All my best,

Bahee x

no added sugar guide for kids

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