The Happy Belly Food Guide

How to improve your child’s tummy troubles using just 9 of these eye-opening gut loving foods.


A Must Read

This downloadable guide is a must if your child struggles with tummy troubles and you want clarity on the top 9 foods to avoid for your child’s poop success.

And don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging!  You’ll also discover nine astonishingly gut-friendly alternatives your child should be eating so that eating is a joy again without tummy ache or poop problems.

If you are feeling lost about what to feed your child, here's how 9 gut-friendly foods could help.

what to avoid

9 controversial food triggers
of tummy troubles
you can cut out without compromising nutrition

what to give

9 gut friendly alternatives
you can give your child to bridge the gap for gut health

tasty ideas

16 page e-guide with tasty suggestions that kids love to eat without triggering tummy troubles


If you are worried that your child’s tummy troubles are triggered by certain foods but you are not 100% sure what to cut out without compromising their nutritional intake, then you need The Happy Belly Food Guide.

Because you know that diet diversity is one of the most crucial elements for optimising your child’s digestive health.

And now your child can be 9 steps closer to pain-free poop.

If you’re a parent of a child trying to…

Unlock 9 unexplored foods that typically trigger tummy troubles in children

No more second-guessing your way through an online web list of foods that likely trigger tummy troubles for children. Instead, gain clarity on exactly what to avoid without compromising their nutrition so you can take action today.

End overwhelm and create massive momentum on more of what works

Every child is different, but there are certain foods that some children can have difficulty digesting. In this downloadable e-guide, you’ll get access to nine of these foods with explanations on why they might be problematic for some children.

Improve gut health and digestion

So that you can reduce symptoms like bloating, help soften hard stools or improve loose runny stools with easy to source everyday foods that children love (without battles at the table).

And if you are feeling frustrated because you

Then my downloadable e-guide
is exactly what you need!



Want me to help you save hours of research time?

Just imagine if you could only spend time cooking food that is going to help ease your child’s constipation or loose stools and restore their gut from the inside?

Want my e-guide that walks you through 9 foods to avoid whilst highlighting 9 gut-loving alternatives you can give your child (as recommended by an expert in children’s gut nutrition)?


The Happy Belly Food Guide

What’s inside?


This e-guide will help remove the guesswork about nine common foods that can trigger tummy troubles in children so that you only give your child foods that will nourish their body and help manage their constipation or loose stools.

You’ll also get access to:


Happy Testimonials

"It was so helpful to find out exactly what my son needs to be eating every day."
Davina Ledermann
"The fact my son is pooing without pain and medications means a lot to us!"
Emma Spencer



Hi, Im Bahee

As a qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and paediatric nutrition for 16 years, you know that you are in the right place. 

I’m committed to helping you get on the right path for helping your child with tummy troubles so that constipation or loose stools are a thing of the past.

In this guide, you’ll have 9 ideas to try and you’ll be 9 steps closer to improving your child’s digestive health.  If you are ready to see what’s possible with nutrition, get the guide now.


So if you feel that now is your time to start managing your child's tummy troubles through nutrition and gut-friendly foods...

Download your guide for just £9.99

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