Want my FREE week by week weaning guide on how to start weaning?

Tired and sleep-deprived?  Confused on how to start weaning your baby?  Want the first four weeks of weaning to be sorted?  Then scroll right down to grab my weaning guide.

I’m Bahee Van de Bor, a registered paediatric dietitian.  I’ve worked with parents (including medics) who felt worried and anxious about weaning a baby. My weaning guide helped them relax and become excited about weaning first foods.  It was the perfect guidance on weaning that they were looking for.


In this weaning guide you get literally everything you need to get started with weaning:

  • the exact types of equipment that you will need for weaning
  • how to cook/prepare the first foods that you choose for weaning
  • this weaning guide also describes the exact first foods to give your baby (no more guesswork over whether grandma or Mrs Doolittle is right)
  • suitable if your baby also needs to follow a dairy-free diet during weaning


“This week-by-week weaning guide is so helpful, thank you”, GP and mother of a baby with food allergies


What are you waiting for?  Download the weaning guide today.  It’s been created to help make room for you to show up with confidence when it’s showtime.  All that you will need is the first foods for weaning that I’ve outlined in the weaning guide plus your camera.

This is the exact process that I took with both my girls and I want to to give it to you because weaning shouldn’t be complicated.



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