Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Child's Endless Tummy Troubles?

Master the secrets to overcoming constipation or diarrhoea in just 4 weeks.

Learn How This Simple, Step-by-Step Blueprint Can Restore Your Child’s Gut Health and Eliminate Discomfort Within Weeks!

Discover the Exact Strategies That Have Helped Hundreds of Children Achieve Pain-Free Days and Joyful Moments

Turn Frustration into Solutions Even if You are at You Wit's End with Their Tummy Troubles

Dear parent,

Is your child's tummy troubles dictating your life?

No problem. We can fix that!

Are you feeling the weight of worry from watching your child struggle with their gut issues? 

Have you been tirelessly searching for a solution to your child’s digestive issues, wondering if the endless cycle of embarrassing poop accidents, the tears from hard and painful poops or the pain from sore red bottoms –  will ever end?

And you’re probably wondering, do they have nutrition gaps from cutting out so many foods to control their poop?

And you wish that you could just figure out what’s causing their tummy pain so they don’t miss another day of nursery or school.

And I bet you’d love to know what to prepare for dinner tonight, instead of just making diets up, right?



Worried parents, I hear you!

You are not alone

Many of my client’s journeys began very much like yours, in a constant cycle of doctor visits, countless tests, and the frustration of vague advice that never seemed to address the root cause. 

If you're feeling helpless, let's change that.

My clients told me they remember feeling helpless, and fatigued from the endless nights of research, seeking answers that seemed just out of reach.

It's impacting your family

You’re tired of the endless back-and-forth with your partner, trying to figure out the best diet that won’t trigger constipation or loose stools.

Imagine how wonderful your life could be if only…


Happy Belly Blueprint is everything you need to help your child achieve normal, healthy stools.

No more feeling stressed, no more worry or anxiety over how to fix leaky nappies or painful poops. Happy Belly Blueprint has all that you need to heal your child's gut so they can start to feel confident and family mealtimes are a joy again.

Here’s your 3-step plan to normal stools

You’ll use my science-backed Happy Belly Formula


Identify the problem

Identifying the Root Cause: Learn how to pinpoint the underlying causes of digestive issues, whether its constipation, loose stools, or other discomforts so you can start creating a tailored plan with key gut-friendly foods.


Restore the gut

Then, in the Restore phase, I guide you through targeted nutritional and lifestyle changes, precisely formulated to rebalance your child’s gut.

Selecting the Right Probiotics: Receive guidance on choosing the best science-based probiotics specifically for kids with tummy troubles.


Watch them Thrive

You’ll learn exactly how to help your child build a long-lasting healthy relationship with food so that their gut continues to flourish and thrive.


Could this be you?

In four weeks, instead of watching your child wince in discomfort, unsure of what the day might hold for their tummy troubles…

Potty training becomes a breeze

They wake up with a bright smile, ready to take on the day. Their mornings start with laughter over a breakfast they love — a meal that loves them right back, fueling their body without fear of discomfort. There’s no rush to find the nearest bathroom or fear of eating the wrong thing. Your home is filled with the sounds of joy, and little ones are ready to take on potty training.

Your afternoons are free from emergency trips to the doctor

It’s replaced with peaceful visits to the park or enjoyable family outings, knowing your child is thriving. You’re no longer deciphering the mystery of gut health alone but are equipped with a clear plan that’s brought not just relief, but vibrant health to your child.

Menu planning is easy because everyone is eating the same foods

Dinner is a celebration of tasty, gut-friendly meals that everyone enjoys, ending with your child drifting to sleep comfortably, promising another pain-free, joyful day ahead. This isn’t a distant dream—it’s the future waiting for your family with the right guidance and my Happy Belly Formula.

With Happy Belly Blueprint, you can get amazing results!

Bahee helped me a lot!


We realised my son wasn't hitting his nutrient targets

The journey with the course has been eye-opening. I’ve become much more aware of my son’s dietary intake and realised we weren’t quite hitting the mark before.

This course has been instrumental in educating me about his nutritional needs. Now, I feel empowered and well-informed about the steps I need to take. For any parent facing similar challenges, I can’t recommend this course enough.

Stopped laxatives in 3 weeks!

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We stopped laxatives in 3 weeks!

The course was a breakthrough for us. In just three weeks, we were able to wean my son off laxatives, a milestone we hardly dared hope for. Each day now brings a pain-free bowel movement, a simple joy we cherish.

This incredible progress made potty training not just possible, but successful. Witnessing my son’s relief and newfound confidence has been heartwarming. It’s as if we’ve unlocked a new chapter in our lives, one filled with comfort and ease that we once thought unreachable.”

Results are amazing!


By the end of the course, my child came off laxatives!

We had taken my little one to doctors countless times, only to be left without any new solutions. This course opened a whole new world of possibilities for us. I’ve already noticed a significant difference in my child’s gut health. Remarkably, by the end of the course, we were able to stop using laxatives. It’s been a journey of empowerment and real change, and I’m deeply grateful for the guidance and knowledge provided.


Happy Belly Blueprint


Click that bright, inviting button below to secure your access to the Happy Belly Blueprint. Consider this: every minute you hesitate, is a minute your child continues to struggle unnecessarily. It's not just about alleviating symptoms; it's about unlocking a vibrant, energetic life for them—one free of discomfort and filled with joy. So, I ask you—why wait? Why let another day pass in search of solutions when the answer is right here, right now? This isn't just an investment in a course; it's an investment in your child's future, their comfort, and their happiness.

Let's not dwell on the sidelines, watching others find relief and success. It's time to step into the game, to make that decisive move towards a happier, healthier life for your child.

The choice is clear, and it's yours to make. For those ready to leap towards a life-changing journey, to those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best for their child: click the 'pink' button below. Do it now, before this opportunity—this path to a new beginning—slips away.


Embrace a brighter, healthier future for your child with the Happy Belly Blueprint.

This isn’t just another dietary guide—it’s a comprehensive solution to gut health challenges that empowers you with the right knowledge and tools for real, lasting changes. Here’s what you’ll discover:

Nutrition 101

Understand how to customize your child’s diet to address specific gut health issues, ensuring they get exactly what they need for a happy belly.

Symptom Tracking Made Simple

Learn the importance of monitoring symptoms accurately to identify triggers and measure progress, with easy-to-use tools and tips.

Gut-Friendly Recipes Your Child Will Love

Gain access to a collection of delicious, child-approved recipes that support gut health without compromising on taste.

Expert Guidance on Supplements

Get clear, research-backed advice on which supplements can support your child’s digestive health, and how to safely incorporate them.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Explore ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your child, a critical aspect of improving gut health, through simple, effective strategies.

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Let’s dig into details


Understanding Your Child's Gut Health - Value £99

Dive deep into the basics of paediatric gut health. Learn what signs to look for, understand common issues, and begin the journey towards a happier belly for your child.



The Happy Belly Diet Plan - Value £99

Nutrition is key. This module provides you with a detailed, dietitian-approved plan tailored for children. Discover which foods soothe and which foods aggravate gut health, ensuring your child gets the right balance.


Implementing the Plan - Value £99

Action is where change happens. We guide you step-by-step on implementing the Happy Belly Diet Plan, making adjustments for picky eaters, and integrating healthy habits into your family’s lifestyle.


Monitoring Progress and Adjusting - Value £99

Learn how to track your child’s progress, identify improvements, and make necessary adjustments to the diet plan. Plus, gain insights into irritable bowel syndrome and what signs to look out for.

family running on beach


Dealing with Setbacks - Exclusive Bonus - Value £99

Because the journey isn’t always smooth, this bonus module prepares you for potential setbacks, offering strategies to overcome them without derailing your progress.

Bonus Resources



Healthy Poop Essentials Bundle (value £99)

As if the Happy Belly Blueprint wasn’t enough to start transforming your child’s gut health and overall wellbeing, I’m throwing in not one, but two invaluable bonuses to sweeten the deal even further.

These bonuses are designed to support you on this journey and make implementing the Happy Belly Blueprint even easier and more effective.

Total Value £595

But because I know firsthand the struggle and the impact gut health issues can have on a child's life and the family's happiness, I want to make this program as accessible as possible.

Your Investment Today



Today it's £239 for a few days only!

That’s right. For 60% off, you get lifetime access to the entire Happy Belly Blueprint course, including all modules and the exclusive bonus module.

This offer is my way of ensuring that every parent has the chance to make a meaningful difference in their child’s health and their family’s life. But remember, this flash offer won’t last forever. It's time to take the first step towards a happier, healthier future for your child.

Take advantage of this special offer and let’s begin the journey to a Happy Belly together.

These are my client results

Happy Belly Blueprint helped lift a weight off my shoulders
and improved my child's gut health!

One of the crown jewels of the Happy Belly Blueprint is the personalised nutrition plan tailored specifically for children with gut health issues. .

To put this into perspective, consulting individually with paediatric dietitians and gut health specialists to create a customised plan for your child can easily cost upwards of £200 per consultation.

And considering the comprehensive approach we take, spanning everything from dietary adjustments to lifestyle changes, you could be looking at multiple sessions just to start seeing a plan form—potentially running a bill well into the thousands.

But let’s take this a step further. Imagine the added cost of specialty foods, supplements, and possibly even medications that might be recommended without the in-depth knowledge and guidance this course offers. The expenses could continue to spiral, all without the guarantee of finding the root cause of your child’s discomfort or ensuring their long-term health and happiness.

Now, if you were to put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re providing your child with the best possible foundation for their gut health, what would it be? £5,000? £10,000? More?

It’s nearly impossible to put a value on something so life-changing. Yet, I’m not going to ask you to invest anything close to that amount. In fact, the investment for the Happy Belly Blueprint, with all its detailed guidance and proven strategies, won’t even come near the cost of a single consultation with a top-tier specialist.

Remember, this isn’t just about temporary fixes. It’s about setting your child up for a lifetime of health and happiness. And for that, the investment is not only minimal—it’s invaluable.

After this program you will...

  • Finally, Breathe a Sigh of Relief: You’ll crack the code on your child’s unique dietary needs. Imagine sitting down to plan your meals, and it’s no longer a daunting task but an exciting one because you know exactly what works for your little one.


  • Say Yes to Spontaneous Outings: Picture this – picking a restaurant or planning a holiday without the usual fret over food. You’ve got this now, and family outings are back on the menu, stress-free and full of joy.


  • No More School Misses: Your child will be in school consistently, keeping up with lessons and building friendships without the fear of sudden dashes home. And you? You’re nailing your professional goals, finally able to focus on that promotion, worry-free.


  • Clarity and Confidence in Social Settings: You’ll have a clear map of what’s off the table and what’s on, making social gatherings a breeze. Birthdays, holidays, you name it – you’re ready and so is your child, with a plate full of safe, yummy options.


  • A Blooming Social Butterfly: Watch your child step out with confidence, no longer held back by discomfort or the fear of being different. They’re just like their peers – laughing, enjoying, and living life to the fullest.


  • From Stressful to Blissful Meal Times: Transform your kitchen from a place of stress to the heart of the home where everyone gathers, eager to dive into meals that are delicious and safe. It’s more than food; it’s family time, redefined.


  • Goodbye, Daily Meds: Imagine a day when the medicine cabinet stays closed, and your child thrives on natural goodness. You’re not just feeding them; you’re healing them, one meal at a time.

This is what your life could be like!


Davina, Happy parent

Navigating my son’s dietary needs was always a challenge, filled with uncertainty and guesswork. The course was a game-changer for us. It was incredibly helpful to finally understand exactly what he needs to be eating every day. This clarity has not only improved his gut health but also brought so much relief and peace to our daily routine.

How Happy Belly Blueprint is different from other courses out there?

Specialised Paediatric Focus

As one of the few paediatric dietitians specialising in gut health and IBS, this course offers targeted, child-specific strategies, moving beyond general advice to address the unique needs of growing bodies.

Monash University Certification Dietitian

Developed by a paediatric dietitian trained in the management of IBS at Monash University, the leading authority in IBS research and FODMAP education.  This ensures the latest scientific findings support the information and recommendations in this course.

Comprehensive Approach to Family Meal Planning

Unlike other courses that focus solely on the individual, this program incorporates family-wide dietary planning and education, making mealtime manageable and enjoyable for everyone, not just those with gut health issues.

Hi there, I'm Bahee!

Hello there! I’m Bahee Van de Bor, your guide on this incredible journey to better gut health for your child. With 18 years tucked under my belt as a registered paediatric dietitian, I’ve seen it all – from the ins and outs of Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I spent a rewarding 12 years, to leading the British Dietetic Association Paediatric Dietitian’s Group. And guess what? I even fine-tuned my skills to tackle IBS in children, thanks to some amazing training at Monash University.

Now, let me tell you, over the years, so many parents have shared their stories with me. Their struggles in finding solid, comprehensive advice on their kids’ gut issues – especially those pesky problems like constipation or loose stools. It’s been a real eye-opener. And the parents who’ve dived into my courses? They often tell me how they wish they’d stumbled upon this advice much sooner. It’s incredibly humbling and drives me to do more.

That’s how the Happy Belly Formula was born. It’s a blend of everything I’ve learned and experienced – a real game-changer. I saw the magic happen right in my own home. My youngest went from those distressing poop accidents to being a regular little champion, and the difference in her immunity? It was like night and day! And when I shared this formula with hundreds of other families, the stories of transformation were nothing short of amazing – kids with softer stools, enjoying their meals, and parents breathing sighs of relief.

The Happy Belly Formula isn’t just another course. It’s a heart-to-heart from me to you, packed with years of expertise, and it’s all about bringing health, happiness, and a bit of peace into your family’s life.

Bahee Van de Bor


You are a perfect match for Happy Belly Blueprint, if...

Bahee Van de Bor, Paediatric Dietitian

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time to turn the page on your child’s tummy troubles. Embrace the power of proven science and gut-friendly foods with the Happy Belly Blueprint. Don’t let another day pass in uncertainty and discomfort. Start your journey to effective, lasting relief and see the joyous difference it makes in your child’s life. Enrol now and begin transforming your child’s gut health today!

Your most popular questions, answered.


Yes! Many parents have seen dramatic changes in as little as five days to three weeks, from stopping diarrhoea to weaning off laxatives. While every child is unique, the science-backed process of the Happy Belly Formula has been successfully applied to hundreds of kids, yielding significant improvements in their gut health within 5 days to 12 weeks.

Yes, without a doubt! Not only am I a registered paediatric dietitian, but I’ve also honed my expertise at some of the world’s most esteemed hospitals, including the renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

With over 18 years of clinical experience under my belt (though I’ve stopped counting to stay forever young 😊), I chair the British Dietetic Association’s Paediatric Group and regularly share my knowledge on IBS and paediatric gut health with fellow dietitians and doctors. Plus, I’m certified by Monash University to guide families through the low FODMAPs diet.

The Happy Belly Blueprint is comprised of four comprehensive modules, supplemented with bonus content. Each segment is designed for efficiency and depth, requiring just 30-60 minutes of your week.

Of course! With lifetime access the course is available on a secure, password-protected platform, allowing you 24/7 access from anywhere, making learning flexible and convenient.

This course lays the groundwork for managing various digestive issues, including IBS. If your child’s situation calls for exploring the modified low FODMAPs diet, then your next step is to work with me inside my Happy Belly Club where I’m here to guide you through that journey as well.

Sadly, the current NHS guidelines prioritise cost-effective solutions like prescribing laxatives for constipation over dietary interventions.

And while the NHS does investigate chronic loose stools, if tests come back normal, families often find themselves navigating symptom management alone.

Moreover, the waitlist for a paediatric dietitian can extend over six months, and not all are specialised in paediatric digestive issues.

You can sign up to my Happy Belly Club to work 1-2-1 with me here.

Due to the nature of my Happy Belly Blueprint course, which includes digital content fully accessible immediately after purchase, it’s not possible to offer refunds. Once the course is purchased, the content is yours to keep and cannot be returned.

I want to assure you of the quality and value of the course. It has been meticulously crafted and peer-reviewed by dietitians and medical doctors. The Happy Belly Blueprint has garnered exceptional feedback for its effectiveness and comprehensive approach.

Are you ready to say bye-bye to poor digestion and finally achieve healthy normal stools for your child?

P.S. If witnessing your child’s daily struggle with gut health has left you feeling helpless and searching for answers, the Happy Belly Blueprint is the lifeline you’ve been seeking. This isn’t just another health fad; it’s a deeply researched, compassionately designed course aiming straight at the heart of digestive issues.

P.P.S. Remember, every aspect of this course is backed by solid, expert advice. 

Still on the fence? Remember this is your chance to transform your child’s gut health at a special welcome price — but only if you act now.



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