Get Kids Pooping Painfree

How to restore your child’s microbiome so that you can easily improve constipation or loose stools with confidence.


Are you fed up of your child's tantrums when they refuse to take their poop medicines?

And the constant bickering with your partner on what to feed your child without triggering constipation or loose stools?

Then this probably sounds familiar:

Fear NOT, i hear you mama!

I know you feel exasperated and upset that your child keeps complaining of belly ache and you have to collect them early from nursery or school, AGAIN.

And fed of up cancelling play dates and parties at the last minute because of poop accidents and the upset that it creates.

You are frustrated because you've tried everything under the sun (including alternative natural therapies and remedies) and yet nothing is working.

You want peace of mind that your child can eat a nutritious diet without triggering tummy pain, hard stools or unexpected poop accidents.

You dream of the day the family doctor finally agrees that your child no longer requires medication to control their constipation or loose stools.

And a world where you no longer have to rush to A&E because your child is screaming in pain on the bathroom floor.

Or a world where there are no worries about overstretched bowels or the consequences of repeated sore red bottoms and your child can consistently go to school.

And you desperately crave a world where when you kiss your child goodnight, you both sleep soundly and securely knowing that nothing will disrupt the night. They'll wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

And YES! You can finally relax, because you are nailing this!

YES! This is possible and you deserve to know the secrets for soft, healthy and pain-free poop. Let me show you how.



Get Kids Pooping Painfree


How to master your child’s poop by understanding their microbiome, decoding their stools and feeding them the right gut-friendly foods.

Discover the secrets to controlling your child’s stools even if they struggle with constipation or diarrhoea so that you can easily improve their stools and help them pass soft painfree poop.

The gut friendly framework.
A step-by-step science-based roadmap that restores your child’s gut from the inside.

The 3-Step Process


What's included

If you are feeling lost here's how understanding your child's microbiome and stools can help:


YES, your child's gut can become stronger, regular and work like a well oiled engine when you understand what influences your child's microbiome and what to feed them.


YES you can improve your child's stools once you understand their stool pattern on a deeper level.

Probiotic checklist

YES, with the right probiotics you can amplify your child's results and restore their gut. A good night's sleep here we come!

Get INSTANT access to this BREAKTHROUGH online training

Navigate Paediatric Microbiome

A healthy microbiome is crucial for a healthy gut that is ready to pass soft pain-free stools. If you want to see your child pass pain-free stools, then start by understanding their microbiome and where it might have gone wrong to know how to fix it.

End Tantrums & Arguments

At long last you will have peace at the dinner table - no more tantrums and arguments with your partner over what to feed your child without triggering painful symptoms!

Probiotics Checklist

Use my expert probiotics checklist to transform a gut that needs a boost from the right gut-friendly foods & microbiome targeted therapies to slow down or excite it so it passes healthy soft stools.

Some of the secrets you'll discover in the training

What's exciting is that you can immediately apply what you learn in the training, so that you can experience joy and renewed strength to tackle your child's tummy troubles!



PLEASE NOTE: The reason why I’m offering my roadmap via this training is to transform your child’s gut…


Just imagine if you finally knew how to get started to restore your child’s gut from the inside.

This life-changing training when implemented consistently will get you closer to understanding exactly what to do to solve constipation or loose stools, and a healthy immune system so they can consistently go to nursery or school.



Get Kids Pooping Painfree


What’s inside?



Want to take a closer look?

Let me show you how you can take control with these video trainings. Let's take a peek:

Plus workbooks, guides, downloads, nutrient trackers and much more!


Did you know that the video pieces of training are hosted behind a password-protected platform so you can access it anywhere, anytime (even on a walk or on your way to work)?


Plus Your bonus gifts


  • Access to previous group coaching recordings to help you get further insight into how other parents navigated and solved big and small problems with my expert help and advice.


  • Masterclass recording to help you understand how your child’s microbiome was first established so you know what to tackle first and why.


  • Happy Belly Food Guide gives you a list of dietitian-approved foods so that you can start feeding your child the best gut-loving foods straight away, whilst you work your way through the step-by-step modules.

What you’ll walk away with after joining Get Kids Pooping Painfree programme?

Jump in now to start learning!

What makes get kids pooping painfree different?

As a teenager I struggled with painful and exhausting tummy troubles, but back one knew what was really wrong. It was easier to just 'put up' with the belly aches and frequent trips to the loo.

It was only during my 20s I started to seek professional help. That moment when I could barely leave the house, I realised that I simply couldn't carry on pretending that everything was fine.

I was obsessed with finding a balance of foods that would digest and agree well with my body. So it's no surprise that I trained as a dietitian. I then went onto study the use of the Low FODMAPs Diet for IBS at Monash University and I haven't looked back since.


Real Life Case Studies

I want to now share with you what I know (and what actually works) so that children don't need to put up with the misery and pain that comes with tummy troubles (and they don't need to)!

Plus hundreds of other children have already followed my process with success.

Easy & Natural Solutions

The solutions are easier than you think and you won't need to rely on elimination diets, long-term medications or weird foods to get on top of symptoms.

Step-by-Step System

I'll share with you the right nutritional strategies using a system that incorporates the key gut-health foods to nurture a healthy digestive system so that children can pass soft stools, pain-free and naturally.

And when you finally get on top of your child’s bloating, loose stools or constipation you will finally enjoy peaceful and restful nights knowing that your child’s gut health is in tip-top shape.

You'll do this by understanding how your child’s nutrition, digestive system and microbiome are linked together so that you can really start to gain momentum on what works and what doesn’t.  You really will no longer waste any more time searching for answers and you can enjoy seeing them consistently go to nursery/school.


Happy Testimonials

"It was so helpful to find out exactly what my son needs to be eating every day."
Davina Ledermann
"The fact my son is pooing without pain and medications means a lot to us!"
Emma Spencer
Julia Young

Happy Testimonials

"I have become a lot more aware of my son’s intake and realised that he wasn’t quite reaching his target. I now feel a lot more informed about what I need to do. I highly recommend the course."

Julia Young
"Having the right knowledge gives me the confidence that I'm finally adjusting my daughter’s diet correctly, instead of second guessing and using Dr Google. We feel like we finally have our little girl back. "
Marie Lane

Happy Testimonials

"I had taken my little one to the doctors so many times and never been advised of anything else I could try. I have now noticed a difference already and have stopped the laxatives by the end of the course."

Gemma Brown
"I was left with a very clear plan on how to tackle my daughters tummy troubles so I’m no longer worrying “if I’m doing the right thing” as I know what to focus on.

It’s given me such peace of mind on how to help her. "
Marie Lane

Marie's Story



Who is this for and who is this not for

Who is this for?

This training is ideal for parents of children who have been struggling with constipation or loose stools.  Your child’s paediatrician may have prescribed laxatives for constipation or other medications for children with loose, porridge-like stools. But you now want to move away from solely relying on medications.  You want your life back, put an end to the misery of not knowing what to try next.

For children with watery stools, ideally, your child has already been assessed by a medical doctor or paediatrician who has ruled out potentially serious medical conditions.

If you’ve answered yes to all of this and you’ve read this so far, then I know you are ready to join Get Kids Pooping Painfree.


Who is this not for?

This course is not designed for children diagnosed with active inflammatory bowel problems like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis.

This course is also not for you if you are looking for advice on how to implement the low Fodmaps diet. Having said that, this course is an excellent starting point for setting the correct dietary foundations for children diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. 

Hi, I’m Bahee

As a former Great Ormond Street qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and paediatric nutrition for 16 years, you know that you are in the right place. 

Plus I’ve lived with tummy troubles due to IBS since my teenage years so I’m committed to helping you get on the right path for helping your child.  Get ready to take control of constipation or loose stools so it’s no longer taking over your life.

In this video-based training, you’ll get access to video trainings to help you understand your child’s microbiome so that you can start to understand how to really tackle their gut health once and for all.

 If you are ready to see what’s possible with nutrition, buy this course now.


Now is your time to start managing your child's tummy troubles through proven science and gut-friendly foods...

Get Kids Pooping Painfree

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