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One-on-one consultations to achieve your child's nutrition goals

Fussy Eating Solutions is my signature programme that has supported many children go from being scared to excited and confident at trying new foods.

After an initial assessment, you’ll get regular follow-up consultations with direct access to me, so that we can focus on your strategy, troubleshoot and fine-tune what’s working for your child right now.

I bet you’re a bit like me.  You hate presenting your child with nutritious foods, only to find it hurled onto the floor and be refused. Together we can help your child try new foods. Take action today and I’ll help develop an enjoyable plan through expert nutrition consultations, that will bring joy to your family meals.  If you decide to give this programme a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Zero Pressure

Learn how to show your child how to try new foods using strategies that are fun without the pressure!

Try New Foods

Watch your child start to take licks and tiny tastes of foods they haven't tried in months if not years!

Expert Consultations

Get professional nutrition consultations and support to manage picky eating so you no longer have to lie awake at night worrying about whether your child has had enough of the right nutrients.

Bahee Van de Bor

Registered Paediatric Dietitian

What I love about Fussy Eating Solutions is that it’s based on real feedback and success stories of my clients.  The program has evolved over the years to meet the growing demands of the children I work with.

You’re bound to feel nervous before starting a new programme.  If that’s you, don’t worry.  Many parents felt the same way before getting started.  But look at them now.  You’ll be able to read a few success stories below.

My goal is help heal your child's relationship with food so that they find joy in family meals. Together I want us to not only achieve your nutrition goals for your child, but find sustainable ways for your child to adopt and maintain healthy habits for long-term optimal growth and performance at nursery, school and beyond.

Guidance and support every step of the way towards expanding the repertoire of foods in your child's diet.

Whatever your nutrition goals are for your child, I will be right there, alongside you in your journey towards helping your child learn to try new foods.

4 private video consultations

Your expert consultations will be scheduled over 12 weeks to take you through this step-by-step programme.

Unlimited email support

You will have regular contact and direct access with Bahee Van de Bor through-out the 12 weeks so that you reach your child's nutrition goals.

Personalised Advice

Access to instant applicable techniques and strategies in the six key areas to help you solve fussy eating that will be personalised to meet the stage that your child is at.

Video Tutorials

Pre-recorded Expert Video Tutorials following a proven road map that's backed by science, research and years of experience.

Set the Right Foundations

Identify why your child may be picky, then implement the right foundations followed by the correct solutions that resonates with your child to entice them to grow the confidence they'll need to start trying new foods when they are ready.

Practical Solutions

You'll no longer be distracted by what well meaning family or friends tell you. Learn the strategies that are backed by science but are also tried and tested by previous clients who have successfully helped their children try new foods (without having to spend hours online searching for what do do)!

Expert Consultations

Get professional nutrition consultations to guide you so that you know exactly what to say to your child to foster positive feeding relationships even when meal time battles erupt and they refuse to try new anything new. Just imagine what your life could be like in 6 months from now when you join the programme.

Success stories

"Bahee provided valuable advice and support regarding my 13 month old son, who was hardly eating any solids despite all our efforts. I really appreciated Bahee's gentle and thoughtful approach, and the fact her suggestions were backed up by a wealth of expertise in her specialist area. With her support, we saw immediate improvements in my child's diet and eating behaviours."
Mother of 1 year old

Our clients

Podcast interviews with past clients

Bahee is so knowledgable and professional and I am glad that we went to her with regards to our son’s fussy eating. At our consultation, she listened carefully to his needs before giving us strategies to try at home with him. As a result, and very soon afterwards, I have personally felt less stressed during mealtimes and my son has been more accepting of food on his plate. Bahee also provided e-resources that have helped us to meal plan and really think about how we tackle mealtimes ourselves. I would highly recommend her. Her follow up care is also brilliant. 


Bahee is AMAZING so professional and she really knows what she is talking about…. She really takes the time to listen understand any issues you have and gives amazing practical advice. She also has a warm and friendly personality and is great with kids, my son who is usually quite shy of strangers warmed up to her immediately and was talking to her about the foods he likes to eat. We only went to see her a couple of weeks ago for my 2 year olds extreme picky eating. It may seem early to leave a review but I have been so impressed by her follow up care and support… it is above and beyond what I expected and I am sure with this kind of support and advice my sons picky eating will change. Bahee is extremely professional and knowledgeable I would definitely recommend her to anyone with children with food issues. Thanks Bahee


Bahee helped us enormously when our little girl, aged 8 months then, systematically refused to eat solids. After many weeks of trying out different approaches to teach our baby solid food, my partner and I felt lost. At 8 months of age our baby girl was still exclusively breastfed and I started to worry about any deficiencies she might have started developing. Bahee listened to us carefully and instantly pinpointed what we needed to change to move forward with our feeding challenge. Her advice was simple and powerful. From day three our baby girl was eating her meals three times a day. She gradually settled into a new routine which cultivated a positive relationship with food for her and I undoubtedly attribute this to the techniques that Bahee recommended. She really unblocked us. With Bahee’s support through the scheduled follow up consultations we were able to work around a couple of hiccups along the way. I think reaching out to Bahee for help was very important to do for us as it sets the tone of our baby’s relationship with food. We are incredibly grateful, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Bahee.


Thank you for all of your help, it has been more than we could have hoped for.  Our son is now eating over 15 different foods including his first meal of fish, chips and peas!


She is an exceptional dietician, she addressed all issues in detail and gave very simple solutions which we thought as parents are very complex. Would highly recommend to any worried parents like us.

Bahee was extremely helpful in setting me on the right track with my extremely picky three year old. After months of despair, she gave me the confidence to really tackle his eating along with lots of very practical advice.

Some things you want to know and understand

We will work together over 4 consultations, each lasting between 45-60 minutes.  All video consultations will be held via zoom.

You can book a single video 60 minutes consultation here.  During this appointment, you can ask me questions you have about any aspects of your child’s growth, phases of picky eating as well as how to optimise your child’s diet for vitamins and minerals.

The first initial appointment is 60 minutes long.

Follow-up sessions are booked for 45 minutes.

You will also be offered e-mail support in-between appointments for 12 weeks so that you will always have any questions answered quickly.

When you purchase Fussy Eating Solutions, you will be requested to complete assessment forms which will be emailed to you.  You may also wish to email any available relevant medical reports, growth information such as a recent height and weight as well as blood results if these are available.

You will find the full details of the total investment here.

Unfortunately a free initial consultation is no longer offered for this programme.  You can however, email at bahee@ukkidsnutrition.com with any questions about the booking process.

Ready to end the sleepless nights and worries over whether your child is getting the right nutrition to thrive and grow? Join today.

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