How To Teach Your Kids To Eat Healthy


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In this week’s episode hear one of my clients, Safia Rana-Jaswal share her journey of how she helped her daughter learn to eat ‘healthy’ and try new foods.

Safia looked at her daughter’s school menu and knew straight away that her daughter would struggle to find something to eat.  

She was worried and knew straight away that she had to do something about her daughter’s reluctance to try new foods.

Click on the media player above to hear how her daughter went from eating just a few of the same foods to now enjoying a big range of family style meals.



05.00 Safia talks about how her daughter initially used to eat foods from all colours of the rainbow

10:00 It’s very difficult when you’re sitting down trying to have family meal and you’re serving up one thing which is different to the rest of the family and she’s taking forty five minutes to an hour to eat. 

It’s hard not to not to get worried and stressed and anxious.

Safia shares how she met with me and what she put in place to tackle the fussy eating.

15:00 Safia talks about what happened when her daughter first made pizza with her.

20:00 What its like to juggle travel, school holidays and how it fits in with how to raise a healthy eater.  She also shares how she found out that her daughter was really hungry after school as she wasn’t eating well at school.  “I can’t continue like this” she thought.  So she shares what she did next.

25:00 She spoke to her daughter about starting a fun food diary with pictures, plus a weekly menu plan. This was one of the turning points.

30:00 Safia reflects on her journey so far and how invaluable she feels her new acquired skills are.

35:00 Safia says, “don’t wait.  If you can get into it early the better.  Seeking professional advice is something I wish I had done earlier.”


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