I’ve spoken at national and international conferences and meetings since I started my career in 2004.  My poster presentations have won ‘best poster prize’.

My research has taken me to presentations in New Zealand, Australia, France, UK, Turkey and Shanghai.

Oral presentations and workshops

  • Ketogenic Diet in Paediatrics, Webinar, Freelance Dietitians Group, November 2018
  • Role of Nutrition in Sleep, FaceBook Live, Thrive Magazine, September 2018
  • Podcast Interview, #32 The Ditch The Diet Podcast, June 2018
  • Podcast Interview, #8 The Rachel Holmes Podcast Show, April 2018
  • Brain Foods, Sheeluxe Parenting Seminar, January 2018
  • Converting fussy eaters to food lovers, SENtutors and Mums In the Wood, parenting workshops, June 2018
  • Weaning workshop, Mums In The Wood, June 2016


  • Oral presentation ‘MKD In Under Two-Year-Olds’ at Keto Conference International Meeting, UK, April 2017
  • Teaching at workshops at MSc level, the Metabolic Module 4 course run by the British Dietetic Association (BDA), October 2014
  • Teaching at Kuwait Paediatric Renal Dietetic Module (1-week course) for University of Plymouth, Kuwait, April 2014
  • Invited to present ‘Vitamin A in CKD’ at First International Paediatrics Renal Dietitians Meeting, UK, October 2013
  • Oral presentation ‘Hypervitaminosis A is Prevalent in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease and Contributes to Hypercalcaemia’, 16TH TRI-ANNUAL IPNA CONGRESS, Shanghai, Sept, 2013
  • Poster presentation ‘Hypervitaminosis A is Prevalent in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease and Contributes to Hypercalcaemia’
    • 50th ERA-EDTA Congress, Turkey, May, 2013
    • BTA and RA Joint Congress, Bournemouth, UK, March 2013 – won best poster prize
  • Presented a quiz and case study on emergency regimen at Metabolic Dietitians Meeting, Institute of Child Health (ICH), January 2013
  • Annual presentation on ‘Nutrition Support in Paediatrics’ to Masters, MSc Paediatrics and Child Health, Institute of Child Health (ICH), 2013 and 2012
  • Workshop presentation at the International Nephrology Conference for nephrologists and paediatricians, ICH, March 2011
  • Chair at PRING (Paediatric Renal Interest Nutrition Group) Meeting, October 2010
  • Teaching at workshops MSc level, BDA Renal Module 3, October 2010
  • Presentation of case studies at PRING, March and October 2010
  • Invited to present ‘Dietetic Management in Short Gut’ at an International Intestinal Symposium in France, December 2009
  • poster presentation on how to create a renal resource, NZDA Conference, New Zealand and DAA Conference, Australia), 2005 and 2006

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