Are you constantly worrying about fussy eaters or need help putting together a nutritious meal plan?  If so, this Learning Hub which hosts a variety of online courses and Masterclasses is just what you need.

The nutrition courses offered include video tutorials, cheat sheets and downloadable guides.  I’m already cheering for you to succeed regardless of whether it’s menu planning, fussy eating, dairy allergy or vegan nutrition that you wish to master.

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Why is an online course right for you?

You've read all the available books and online articles but it feels like information overload. You've moved beyond just information gathering. You are ready to take action. You like the idea of self-study but you want content that's evidence-based primed to lead to real results.

Is this what you are looking for?

  • Professionally written teaching video tutorials by a registered children's dietitian and nutrition expert
  • Logical step by step processes
  • Teaching videos under 20 minutes to fit into your busy lifestyle
  • Downloadable written guides and cheat sheets to create your own action plan
  • Option to upgrade to 1:1 video consultations for tailored bespoke advice

If you nodded yes to three or more of the questions above, then the UK KIDS NUTRITION LEARNING HUB is perfect for you. Keep scrolling down to select the course that best fits you right now.


Fussy Eating Solutions Course

Is your fussy eating baby, toddler or older child driving you to distraction?  Perhaps your baby is refusing to open their mouth during meals or your child simply won’t try new foods.  You worry that they are not getting enough of the important immunity-boosting foods. They are a little pale, possibly lacking iron or is it protein intake that you should worry about?

How would it feel to have complete clarity over how to manage fussy eating with confidence?  Would you like to be supported through the process of empowering your child to try new tastes and textured foods?

You don’t need to do this alone either.  Join my “Fussy Eating Solutions” course and I’ll virtually hold your hand through the process. You will get access to video tutorials, pdf files, recipes and other e-learning resources.

I’ll be sharing the tried-and-tested strategies that I use with my one-to-one clients which have helped them achieve great success. But don’t take my word for it, see what other parents are saying about my services below.



Are you stuck on how to help your fussy eater this lockdown?  Would you like to understand what makes picky eaters and what’s the best way to help them?

If that sounds of interest, then this 50 minutes masterclass will teach you the science and psychology behind picky eaters. Plus I’ll take you through the strategies that I teach my clients on how to help a picky eater.

Join my online masterclass and we will cover:

  • what’s your feeding style (your beliefs around food and nutrition) and how to modify it to encourage your fussy eater
  • what are some immediate steps you can take right now to help a fussy eater
  • what are the next steps on diving deeper to help a fussy eater


Would you like clarity on how to start weaning your baby?

Join my online 30-minute masterclass and we will cover:

  • when to start weaning (age 4 months or at 6 months and why)
  • which style of weaning to use (baby-led weaning or spoon-feeding)
  • plus you’ll get your first FOUR weeks of weaning mapped out with exactly which foods to start weaning with

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Time: 8.00-9.00pm

Wondering how to plan your weekly menu now that schools are reopening?

In this session we will cover:

  • what are the best foods to include for immunity
  • which prebiotic foods to feed kids
  • how to know if the portion sizes are right for babies, toddlers and school-aged children
  • Learn to put together a meal plan using an example that I’ll take you through during the class.  Personalise this and modify it repeatedly to suit your family’s needs.

The Best Way To Menu Plan Like A Pro Online Course

Struggling to write a meal plan for your fussy eating baby, toddler or older child? Fed up of running out of pasta and eggs and not knowing what to feed the children next?  Even when you find the foods that your kids will eat, you are scared that the supermarket stocks will completely run low.

If that sounds familiair, then The Best Way To Menu Plan Like A Pro mini online course is perfect for you if:

  • You need help on what to do when you can’t find the main ingredients to finalise family meals.
  • You regularly run out of eggs and you worry that your fussy eater won’t try anything new.
  • You are looking for the exact steps you need to build in unexpected substitutions.

If you want to learn the process that you need to write a nutritious and tasty family menu plan, then you need The Best Way To Menu Plan Like A Pro online course.

I’ll share the step-by-step process that you need (without the fluff) – and you’ll have it written in an afternoon.  The course includes two video tutorials plus a bonus video, essential shopping lists, templates, a downloadable guide and more.

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We originally sought Bahee's help after out 15 month year old was still very unwell despite taking the necessary reflux medication and avoiding milk. As soon as Bahee saw our son she advised we cut out soya along with a variety of other ingredients. She advised on meal plans, gave us links to useful information, sent us episodes of her podcast, and provided a follow up consultation via skype. I would thoroughly recommend visiting Bahee and getting her advise. I wish we had sought it sooner.
Mother of 15 month old

Bahee helped us enormously when our little girl, aged 8 months then, systematically refused to eat solids. After many weeks of trying out different approaches to teach our baby solid food, my partner and I felt lost. At 8 months of age our baby girl was still exclusively breastfed and I started to worry about any deficiencies she might have started developing. Bahee listened to us carefully and instantly pinpointed what we needed to change to move forward with our feeding challenge. Her advice was simple and powerful. From day three our baby girl was eating her meals three times a day. She gradually settled into a new routine which cultivated a positive relationship with food for her and I undoubtedly attribute this to the techniques that Bahee recommended. She really unblocked us. With Bahee’s support through the scheduled follow up consultations we were able to work around a couple of hiccups along the way. I think reaching out to Bahee for help was very important to do for us as it sets the tone of our baby’s relationship with food. We are incredibly grateful, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Bahee.

Mother of 10 months old infant


A few months after our initial consultation I can see the benefits. Our family is more energetic and healthier. Bahee is knowledgeable, proactive, compassionate, and kind. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a children's nutritionist. She's your person! I'm very pleased with my experience. Thank you!!

Mother of 3 year old child