Picky Eater

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Is your child’s fussy eating driving you to distraction?

You’ve tried introducing them to new things, but they’re stubbornly sticking to a limited range of foods – and it’s driving you and the rest of your family mad.  The baby refuses to open their mouth or you are worried that toddlers and older kids might be lacking vital vitamins and minerals.

If this sounds familiar, you need my free Picky Eaters’ Guide.  I’m Bahee Van de Bor and I’ve worked with hundreds of parents take their children from being anxious, scared and close to giving up to becoming excited to try new foods.

Here’s what’s included:
– the #1 activity that you must do right now to help your child get interested (that most parents NEVER do anymore)

– four practical strategies that you can put into practice straight away
– Fun ways to get your child to try new foods (without fighting with your child at mealtimes)
– Effective strategies that are enjoyable for everyone that’s also backed by science and research

Don’t get me wrong, it may not solve your child’s picky eating problems overnight. But, used consistently, these strategies will help – a lot.

So, let me help you. Enter your details below to download the guide.

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