Expert Consultancy


As a highly qualified paediatric dietitian specialising in gut health and children’s nutrition, book a 1-2-1 appointment or treatment plan on any of the following nutrition-related problems.

Why book a video package or programme?

Success is achieved through consistent efforts and the right nutrition advice from a children’s nutrition expert that’s specific for your child.  Only then can things start to get off the ground.

  • immediately banish stress, peace of mind, knowing that you are working with a professional with a world-class experience
  • access to me over three months via video or face to face appointments including email support
  • reassurance and confidence that you have the right information to manage a fussy eater or plant-based nutrition
  • watch your children learn to engage positively with food

The practical stuff: here’s how it works

To book an expert consultation video package click here. 

To work with me on one of my programmes that include email support with a child nutritionist, book your video expert package.

Once I receive your booking details, I will ask you by email for the following:

  • a brief summary of what you’d like help with
  • any relevant medical reports and blood testing results sent to me

You will then be provided with a special link to book your first 60-minutes consultation. 

What happens during your video/online appointment?

At the initial appointment, you will be able to discuss your nutrition concerns.

During the session, I will ask you for details about your child’s growth.  Note that older children (> 2 years of age) will need to have a recent height and weight (do check for these details in your child’s red book or clinic reports).

We will review their growth chart together.

What is the structure of an expert consultation?

I value your time so we’ll discuss your nutritional concerns straight away.

We may need to discuss your child’s medical history and symptoms in detail but this helps me get to the root of the problem.

We’ll set up strategies and goals to solve your child’s nutrition problems using winning nutrition facts and practical tips that are evidence-based but also drawn from my experience as a children’s dietitian over the past 15 years.

Goal setting at the consultation

To achieve your child’s nutrition goals which we will formulate together, all expert consultations will be delivered with the support of personalised resources and relevant teaching materials.

Menu planning and recipe ideas will also be discussed to ensure that you achieve your set nutrition goals.  However, please note that I don’t write meal plans for you.


What happens after an expert consultation?

An individualised dietetic report will be designed and sent electronically with your child’s specific goals in mind.

I will invite you to book your follow-up appointments with me.

To ensure that you accomplish the goals discussed, complimentary e-mail support is offered in-between appointments.  Office hours are Monday till Thursday (10 am – 4 pm) and Friday morning (10 am- 2.45 pm).

For family or free from recipe inspiration, I invite you to join me on Instagram and Facebook or browse my recipe page here.

What is not covered in a consultancy?

Unless you’ve purchased a nutrition package, follow-up appointments are not included following a single expert consultation.  These should be booked at the end of each appointment separately.


Following your initial 15-minute call with Bahee, you will be invited to book a programme. Choose the date that best suits you to book your first 60-minutes video expert consultation.

Please note, I provide an example meal plan, however detailed 7-day meal plans can be designed for you for an additional fee upon request.

Why don’t you book a free no-obligation initial consultation here to discuss how I can help you?

Do you want to book an appointment?

What families say about me

She is an exceptional dietician, she addressed all issues in detail and gave very simple solutions which we thought as parents are very complex. Would highly recommend to any worried parents like us.

Muhammad Qasim Parent of 5 year old

Bahee is not only great with her tips on how to effectively disguise those foods that your little one thinks they hate so much, but she’s also great at working with both you and your child so that you can both gain long-term benefits from any time spent with her.

Ervina Lee Parent of 1 year old

Bahee is a great source of knowledge of children’s nutrition with lots of great experience under her belt. I love her blog it’s fun and factual.

Clodagh Connon Avid follower

I highly recommend Ms Van de Bor as a Paediatric Dietitian. A truly caring, professional and knowledgeable dietitian who takes the time to really listen and understand you and your child’s situation. She is able to clearly and simplistically explain complex medical terms and provides excellent advice on how to deal with your situation.

Natalee Chaisiriut Mother of 9 month old

My 2-year-old daughter had recurring ear infection issues and I thought swapping cow’s milk for rice milk might help alleviate her body’s inflammation. Some friends of mine have used this trick. However, I was not too sure about giving a toddler a processed beverage [Alpro, Provamil…) on a daily basis to replace natural organic cow’s milk. I sought Bahee’s help and she soundly advised me not to give my daughter any rice milk. She went further, explaining the evidence and gave me specific advice about my daughter’s diet. I am happy I got a professional explaining the reasons behind her advice and able to provide hands-on counselling. Because of Bahee’s advice, I am aware of natural organic in rice drinks. Based on this positive experience, I would certainly attend one of Bahee’s clinics again should my daughter or my new born baby have any food-related issues in the future.

Cecile & Eric David Parents of 2 year old

Weaning is a tricky topic for new mums like me. The vast amount of literature out there and conflicting advice from people adds to the confusion. Bahee’s workshop was simple and effective, boiling the whole thing down to 5 key take away points. I feel very confident and calm about weaning now and I look forward to it!

Raksha Raghavan Mother of 6 month old

Bahee provided valuable advice and support regarding my 13 mth old son, who was hardly eating any solids despite all my efforts.  I really appreciated Bahee’s gentle and thoughtful approach, and the fact her suggestions were backed up by a wealth of expertise in her specialist area.  With her support, we saw immediate improvements in my child’s diet and eating behaviours.

Suzy Schmitz Parent of 13 month old