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Bahee made herself available at the last minute for us to discuss infant nutrition. Thank you for coming despite the short notice!


Bahee was great helping us reviewing our range.

Muhammad Qasim

She is an exceptional dietician, she addressed all issues in detail and gave very simple solutions which we thought as parents are […]

Ervina Lee

Bahee is not only great with her tips on how to effectively disguise those foods that your little one thinks they hate […]

Clodagh Connon

Bahee is a great source of knowledge of children’s nutrition with lots of great experience under her belt. I love her blog […]

Natalee Chaisiriut

I highly recommend Ms Van de Bor as a Paediatric Dietitian. A truly caring, professional and knowledgeable dietitian who takes the time […]

Cecile & Eric David

My 2-year-old daughter had recurring ear infection issues and I thought swapping cow’s milk for rice milk might help alleviate her body’s […]

Raksha Raghavan

Weaning is a tricky topic for new mums like me. The vast amount of literature out there and conflicting advice from people […]

Suzy Schmitz

Bahee provided valuable advice and support regarding my 13 mth old son, who was hardly eating any solids despite all my efforts.  […]