How To Get Children To Eat Vegetables

If you are wondering how to get children to eat vegetables and feel like it’s almost impossible to get your kids enjoying their greens, it’s an easier task to achieve than you think.

Before you roll your eyes and shut me down completely, here’s a true story.  I recently met a lovely lady, called ‘Sharon’ in my private clinic.   She sought my help to expand her toddler’s limited range of foods.

This little selective eater was charming and shy and only ate a few foods that she felt were in her ‘safe list of foods’ to eat.

I completed my chat with Sharon and by the end of the consultation I was worried that I may have overloaded her with information and advice.

I needn’t have worried as a couple of weeks later, I was delighted to hear that Sharon’s daughter had started to experiment and was consistently trying new foods.  No dramas either.

It only took one consultation for mum to confidently put in place what was required to help her daughter to eat vegetables.

Getting children to try new food or vegetables can be tricky but it’s not impossible.  I was impressed that Sharon followed and implemented my advice carefully and solidly.

“No more incidents of food throwing or battles at the table,” she said in an e-mail.

When an ocean of tears are the last thing that you want to deal with after a long day, to ride through the temporary phase of “I will not eat the yucky greens”, follow my practical suggestions that can be incorporated on a daily basis.

If you need detailed advice to suit your child’s routine and eating habits then book to see me at any one of my London clinics.

Never force your child to eat something that they don’t like as you run the risk of toddler tantrums or food aversions.  Instead, encourage them as much as you can and try the refused food a few days later.  

With simple consistent steps in place, you too can get your child to eat vegetables.  You may need to be patient, but change can and will happen in your home.

For a summary of these quick tips on how to get children to eat vegetables watch the YouTube video above.

One proven method is to involve children in the kitchen.  Do give them age appropriate tasks such as fetching vegetables from the fridge and ask them to help wash, peel, slice or chop vegetables.

Some children may enjoy stirring vegetables with a wooden spoon.  Go with it as long as this activity can be supervised by an adult.

Final tips on how to get children to eat vegetables

Did you know that cucumber is one of the easiest things for children to eat?  It’s relatively plain, has a pleasing texture and has a high water content which the kids will love during summer.

As a pre-dinner snack, cut up cucumber and vegetable sticks along with the children’s favourite dips for them to help themselves to.  You could seat them at the table and leave a small plate in front of them and then seriously, just leave them to it.

No need to say a word.  Chances are, they will enjoy picking up the cut up vegetables and will help themselves without any encouragement from you.

If needed, gently encourage and give them plenty of praise.

Below are some recipe ideas for including vegetables.

Try the Roast Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup to get in that five a day.

Or why not spiralize? See How To Cazoodle and Spiralize Vegetables With The Kids


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