065 Do You Make This Common Feeding Mistake?




Do you make this common feeding mistake?  Do you end up bribing your child with dessert in exchange for eating a vegetable?  This this podcast episode is for you!

When you are trying to raise a healthy eater, you’ve got 2 jobs.

  1. Plan and serve as many nutritious meals as you can (so you can help your child get the best nutrition for normal growth and performance at nursery/school)
  2. Encourage your child to listen to their body and eat intuitively (which means allowing your child to decide the ‘what’ and how much they eat at mealtimes).

This sounds scary, I know!

What if they get hungry at night?

What if they can’t concentrate at school because they skipped breakfast?

What if my child’s diet is also limited due to an underlying food allergy or IBS?

To help you understand why you shouldn’t bribe in exchange for reward foods, tune into the podcast to learn more.


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