039 Can Fruit Cause Diarrhoea in Kids?


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Is your toddler or older child struggling with diarrhoea and urgency?  Wondering whether fruit could be the cause of the diarrhoea for your child? Well, let’s talk about that.

If you’ve noticed that your child has been enjoying all of the delicious seasonal fruit lately, only to sit on the loo shortly after…it may be time to review their fruit intake.

Join me on this week’s podcast episode and we’ll chat about whether fruit can cause diarrhoea in toddlers and children.


This episode at a glance:


In this Kids Nutrition Podcast episode, you’ll learn which types of fruit are more likely to send your child’s poop to a liquid consistency and what to do about it.

Fruit is abundant in antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

There’s no doubt about that.

But for some children with or without digestive gut issues, eating too much of certain fruit can lead to explosive diarrhoea.

Try not to panic though – it doesn’t mean that you need to cut out fruit entirely.

With a couple of small fruity changes, your child can go back to enjoying fruit without the unwanted extra trips to the loo.

In fact, when I had already shared this trick over at my Instagram account (@ukkidsnutrition), one parent has already had success since implementing the advice. 

Since implementing my advice, her child is no longer having the loose stools.

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