What Is The Best Way To Talk To Kids About Vegetables


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Are you feeling frustrated that your kids are so fussy with their vegetables?

In this episode, I share one of the most profound ways to help your child increase their curiosity and interest in vegetables.

If your child has a good appetite but you are struggling to get them to eat vegetables, then chances are, you may need to rethink the strategies you use to get them to eat vegetables.

The best way is to talk to kids about vegetables in a way that helps them emotionally connect with it. 

For example:

  • are they motivated by colour?
  • do they love juicy vegetables?
  • could you appeal to their inquisitive mind and share fun facts about vegetables in a way that provides context and meaning to them?

So how do you get the children to eat their vegetables?  Well you need to find the best way to talk to kids about vegetables.

Tune into the podcast and you won’t be disappointed.

Links I share in the podcast:

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