Busting Soy Myths for Grown Ups with Dietetically Speaking


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Do you worry about whether soy is right for you as a family?

Maeve Hanan from dieteticallyspeaking.com explains that unless you are receiving thyroid medication, there is no need to avoid soy foods.

In fact, if you suffer from hypothyroidsm, you just need to let your doctor know about how much soy foods you eat so that your level of medications can be adjusted.

Listen to the podcast if you want to listen to the latest soy myths and find out:

  • who should avoid soy foods
  • typical soy myths and why you don’t need to avoid soy foods if you are worried about cancer
  • soy foods may even be protective against reducing your risk of cancer, find out how
  • eating soy foods may reduce your risk of heart disease, find out how
  • soy doesn’t cause male infertility


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