Creamy Chicken with Wild Mushroom Rice

Printable recipe card: Creamy Chicken with Wild Mushroom Rice

This is perfect for busy nights when you want to throw your dinner all into one pot.  An easy dinner recipe that is perfect for kids and the entire family.  This recipe served four adults and 1 toddler with plenty of leftovers for the following day.


This dish is naturally gluten, wheat, soy and egg free.  For a milk free variation, skip the goats cheese or use a dairy free suitable alternative.  I am a firm believer in using up whatever vegetables live in your fridge.  If you’ve got spinach substitute the courgettes for this or use any greens that you fancy.

Goats cheese being a soft cheese tends to be a little lower in fat than hard cheese.  If you would like to lower the saturated content of this recipe, why not try fat free Quark which is also naturally low in salt?

Frozen mushrooms are also handy to keep in your fridge.  I particularly love stocking up on Cooks’ Ingredients Frozen Mushroom Medley but equally any mix of mushrooms will do the trick.

This tasty but healthy and simple meal should be enough to impress your family and friends during the week.


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