049 How To Get Started With Breastfeeding With Sherry Bevan


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One of the biggest challenges with breastfeeding is undoubtedly how to get started.  Getting the right support with latching and positioning from a breastfeeding adviser can make a wealth of difference in the early days.

My guest today is Sherry Bevan, a breastfeeding advisor and president of NCT.

In today’s episode, Sherry takes us through some of the common challenges women face when it comes to getting started with breastfeeding and where to ask for help.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s podcast:

  • the crucial time to get going with breastfeeding as described by research
  • what to do if you are finding breastfeeding painful
  • my personal experience of breastfeeding, the ups and downs
  • how and when to use infant formula to preserve and rescue breastfeeding
  • what percentage of your baby’s initial weight loss is perfectly normal
  • how to use the right support to troubleshoot and save breastfeeding
  • the long-term benefits of breastfeeding

Plus you’ll learn about the current virtual baby cafes and support networks to get support on breastfeeding.

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