048 How To End Mealtime Battles


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What you need to know about parents who have successfully tackled fussy eating.

I know I speak for many parents when I say that committing to a routine in the morning and before closing your eyes at night can play a big role in succeeding as a parent faced with mealtime battles.

Now, before you think that this is just another habits episode, I want you to hold your horses because this is not just another habits episode.

This episode is real-life, no fluff, with real experiences on how to end mealtime battles if you are serious about learning how to truly empower your child to try new foods.

Here are the 3-things that my successful clients have said in Google Reviews about my Fussy Eating Solutions Programmes.

  1. Bahee’s advice was backed by a wealth of knowledge and evidence
  2. Bahee’s advice has helped me personally feel less stressed after using her strategies to try at mealtimes
  3. Using Bahee’s amazing practical advice we have started to see results

Consistency is the secret sauce behind my client’s success.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

This picky eater guide will point you in the right direction regarding how to get started with children who are reluctant to try new foods.

If you want to get in deeper to end mealtime battles, then you can join my small group coaching that’s starting on Monday.  End Mealtime Battles will be available every Monday in 2020.  If you can’t make a session LIVE then there will be a recording available so that you can catch up.

Plus there will be plenty of LIVE Q&A sessions and if you can’t make those, email me the questions so that I can answer these for you and a recording will be made available.

I teach you what to do before all the action begins gets going at mealtimes so that you know exactly what to say and do when meals are served.

You can also go back to my podcast interview with one of my clients Safia who shared how cooking with her primary school-aged daughter really helped her daughter become confident about trying lots of different new foods.

You might think, well she was eating a big variety of foods when she was a baby and toddler but most parents who come to work with me say very similar things.

The key factor driving Safia’s success is that she really found a way to connect with her daughter to end mealtime battles.

It did take her about a year to see the kind of results that she was able to enjoy but that’s about right.  Everything you want is on the other side of consistency.



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Let Me Help

Would you like to meet a children’s dietitian who has successfully helped families solve their nutrition problems from around the world?

No matter what you are worried about, I’ll help you manage these with confidence.


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