Golden Kiwi or Green Kiwi For Constipation In Children?


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Is your baby, toddler or older child struggling with constipation?  Then you are probably looking for natural constipation remedies to help manage constipation in children.  Maybe you’ve heard that kiwifruit can help them do a poo but you’re unsure whether it’s the golden kiwi or green kiwi that you need.

In this podcast episode, we’ll explore how kiwifruit can relieve constipation in children and which type to use.


Are all kiwis green?

Did you know that there are two types of kiwifruit?  

There’s the golden kiwi but also the green kiwi that you might be more familiar with.


What is the golden kiwi?

The golden kiwi has smooth hairless skin and is a golden-brown colour.  

It is native to China but it is now widely harvested and grown in New Zealand.

The season for golden kiwi in New Zealand is from October to April.

When you slice the golden kiwi, it is yellow with tiny black seeds that are edible.

Its flavours are sweet with notes from mango and pineapple (aka it’s delicious)!



Golden kiwi nutrition 

Kiwifruit provides the following nutrition per 2 kiwifruits:

  • 3.3 g fibre
  • 180 mg vitamin C
  • 56 ug folate
  • 525mg potassium

As you can see from the nutritional data, kiwifruit is good for you and the children.



Golden kiwi and green kiwi benefits for constipation

Whilst it’s delicious and contains fibre that can help relieve constipation in children, research recommends the humble green kiwi to relieve constipation symptoms.

Having said that, all types of kiwifruit, in general, can be eaten regularly to help symptoms of constipation in children and adults.

It’s also a brilliant source of vitamin C and B vitamins which are important for immunity and general well-being.

Being a fibre-enriched food, children with constipation can eat kiwifruit regularly.

The type of fibre in kiwifruit is insoluble which means that it is fermented slowly in the gut.

The fibre lies in the structural part of the kiwi’s cell walls’ and the great news is that it also increases the gut’s overall levels of good bacteria.

As this type of fibre is water-insoluble, it can add bulk to your child’s poo and help increase how often your child opens their bowels.

Kiwifruit is particularly helpful in children with constipation as it also has a special water-holding capacity compared to other fruit.

It also contains a special enzyme called actinase.

There is some evidence in animal studies that it may help gut motility and how often bowels are opened.


Can you eat golden or green kiwi skin?

Yes!  You absolutely can.  Children can eat the skin of kiwifruit for an extra boost of fibre to help stubborn poop.

Just remember to wash the fruit thoroughly before serving it to the children.

When increasing fibre intake, remind children to drink plenty of water.

Is green kiwi good for you and the kids?

Green kiwi has hairy brown skin.

When you slice it in half, its centre is green and dotted with edible black seeds.

Its nutritional data is similar to the golden kiwi making it a nutritional fruit to eat on its own and add to fruit salads or to a smoothie.

How to eat green kiwi?

Green kiwi does have a more ‘tarty’ flavour but when in season, it’s deliciously ripe and sweet.

Children can use a teaspoon to scoop out the flesh and eat it directly from the fruit.

Kiwi as a home remedy for constipation

The study by Chang et al, found that when adults suffering from constipation ate two green kiwifruits per day, they pooped more often.

Clinical guidelines do not mention the use of kiwifruit in the management of constipation.  

However, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that it is a safe and effective natural therapy to ‘cure constipation’.

For more foods for constipation see ‘How To Help Babies and Toddlers With Constipation’.

For more ideas on low FODMAP snacks see: 33 Kid-Approved Low FODMAP Snacks



Both the golden kiwi and green kiwi can be safe and effective home remedies for managing constipation in children. For persisting tummy pain, bloating and discomfort despite effectively managing constipation, enquire about my IBS KIDS PROGRAMME.

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