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What’s Your Feeding Personality?


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In this episode, I’ll help you get clear on your feeding personality so you can enjoy calm and happy mealtimes.


If you are anything like me, you may have found yourself as a Forgetful Fiona where snacks and meals are not served on time.

Or perhaps you are Indulgent Isla? You rush to serve a rescue meal because your fussy eating baby, toddler or school-aged child eats only a limited range of foods.

Yep, my clients have been there too.

Here’s the thing.  Knowing your feeding personality can help you understand a lot about what goes on during mealtimes.  And it can be easy to make the right changes to support your child who is yet to become a confident eater.

That is why on today’s podcast, I take you through the four main feeding personality types.

I love chatting about feeding personalities because it gives you a deep understanding of who you are and what drives your behaviour around food and nutrition..


In this episode you’ll get information to help you really understand:
  • the four main feeding personality types
  • which programme to invest in to help you raise a confident eater 
  • how to join the waiting list for my group coaching programme End Mealtime Battles

Plus I’ll take you through a few tips on what you need to do, to embrace the ‘golden’ feeding personality type.

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