Herby Tasty Tuna & Prawn Za’atar With Spaghetti


What’s baby lunching on this weekend?  We love our Lady & The Tramp moments in our home.  If the noodle isn’t dangling by our lips, it’s definitely on the floor so parents beware! Baby lapped this up so well that no one minded the mess.  This tasty meal with a dash of Za’atar will have the whole family begging for more!  Meal done in 20 minutes, so let’s go!

Following on from my article Fishy Bite – Should Your Kids Be Eating Fish?, I did promise you a tuna pasta bake but I simply had to share this winning recipe with you first!  I’ve discovered Za’atar recently and love it.  It’s a mix of spices that you can sprinkle on salads but I figured I’ll spice up the tuna dish with it and see what magical bite appears.  It definitely is warming and delicious, but the downer  is that it does contain salt so a small pinch goes a long way.  Note that it also contains wheat and sesame so if you or your child need to avoid these ingredients, omit from the recipe and amp up the fresh herbs which I adore and so will your kids.  When you are limiting added salt to recipes, turn up the herbs for refreshing flavours.  I’ve gone for chives and coriander, simply gorgeous!



Chilli infused olive oil

1 red onion, chopped

2 fat garlic cloves

1 can tuna in spring water or 1 fillet fresh tuna

Fresh tomatoes diced or 1 can chopped tomatoes

Splash of Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Pinch of Za’atar

3 tablespoons prawns

2 tablespoons chives, chopped finely

Coriander & pieces of feta to garnish



Heat the oil in a saucepan and saute the onions and garlic.  Once softened add the tuna and break it up gently into pieces.  Allow to cook for a few minutes then add the tomatoes and a splash of apple balsamic vinegar which is divine.  Once cooked, add a pinch of Za’atar (optional), prawns and the chives.  Allow to simmer for up to 10 minutes.  Before serving, garnish generously with coriander and feta.  I served these with the spaghetti tossed in a bit of olive oil infused with garlic.

Gluten/Wheat free version – use free from noodles and skip the Za’atar

Dairy free – substitute the cheese with an alternative cheese or omit completely from the recipe

Soy / Egg free – this recipe is naturally soy and egg free


Tip – just remember that if you use tinned tuna this will dish will be a source of ‘white fish’ whilst fresh tuna will count towards a portion of oily with all of it’s relevant goodness.  For more information read the article Fishy Bite – Should Your Kids Be Eating Fish?

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