What You Need To Know Before You Start Weaning At 4 Months


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Trying to decide whether to start weaning at 4 months, 5 months or delay starting weaning until 6 months?

In this week’s podcast episode, I share three main messages that you need to know before starting weaning at 4 months.

Before diving into the content of today’s podcast episode, have you watched the webinar that takes you through how to choose between spoon-feeding or baby-led weaning?

This masterclass is for you if you:

  • struggle to choose between the best time to start weaning
  • would like to know the pros and cons between spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning
  • you’d like to learn what the research and scientific evidence really say about each feeding style
  • you’d like a step-by-step four week daily weaning guide to get you started on weaning



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