Milk Free Fig & Dark Choc Flapjack

One of the things that you ask me to help manage your child with food allergy are more recipes.  My daughter Léa has recently discovered chocolate.  This recipe has been inspired by her for you.  It hits the sweet spot for an afternoon tea and can be modified to be higher in energy if your child requires the additional calories. There are literally plenty of reasons to make this milk free flapjack.  It is incredibly easy to put together. So simple that all that you do is to throw the ingredients into a pan and then bake.  Beats shop bought treats every time!

This delicious milk free fig & dark chocolate flapjack is also soy free, egg free, nut free, wheat free, gluten free and rice free.  As it is based on oats it is also high in fibre.  Figs offer a delicious bite of natural sweetness but any dried fruit will do.

This is also a great recipe to get toddlers and children involved in baking.  For young toddlers ask them to help you measure out ingredients.  Older children can chop figs and better still, get them to help you with the washing up.

MAKES at least 16 slices or 32 squares

PREP 10  minutes

BAKE 30 minutes


3/4 cup soft brown sugar

150g dairy free spread

100g dark chocolate

1 cup chopped fig and currants

3 cups porridge oats*

2-3 tablespoons seed mix

1 tablespoon creamed honey

*Use gluten free variety if your child needs to follow a gluten-free diet

You can also substitute some of the seeds with chopped nuts if you wish

If your child does not require a milk free diet, then use butter in replacement for the dairy free spread.

If the flavour of the dark chocolate is too rich, consider reducing to about 50g and increase the dairy free spread accordingly.  You could also try making this with chopped pieces of dark chocolate.


In a saucepan melt the dairy free spread, chocolate and brown sugar.  Add the dry ingredients and honey to the mixture and transfer to a baking tin.  Bake at 150ºC for 30 minutes.  Allow to cool completely before slicing (or it will crumble as I have discovered)!  Now enjoy the milk free fig & dark choc flapjack.

Simple recipes like these can be easily modified to suit your child’s specific food intolerance or food allergies.  You can also increase the amount of dairy free spread to 200g if additional fat and calories are required.

The milk free fig and dark choc flapjacks are handy to carry in your child’s backpack if you plan to be out for the entire day.

For children requiring a high energy diet, high energy snacks such as these can be offered in-between meals to ensure that children continue to eat nutritious foods of fruit and vegetables with meals.

What’s your favourite flapjack recipe?


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