Herby Tasty Tuna & Prawn Za’atar With Spaghetti

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  What’s baby lunching on this weekend?  We love our Lady & The Tramp moments in our home.  If the noodle isn’t dangling by our lips, it’s definitely on the floor so parents beware! Baby lapped this up so well that no one minded the mess.  This tasty meal with a dash of Za’atar will […]

No added sugar banana and chocolate muffins (milk free) by London children's dietitian

Recipe of the Week: No Added Sugar Banana Choc Muffins

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Ever wondered what the ‘I quit sugar’ fuss was all about?  In theory, it sounds wonderful and it’s not just because we know we need to reduce our children’s intake of sugars. Is cold turkey really the answer to reducing the risk of obesity and related disease in our children?   With this no added sugar recipe you don’t […]

Wheat intolerance or allergy?

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Wheat is one of the most common cause of food related allergy or intolerance, yet we have been eating it for thousands of years.  Wheat intolerance is not the same as coeliac disease or an allergy to gluten.  Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease whereby the body rejects gluten present in wheat, barley, rye and […]