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What Are The Benefits of Probiotics For Kids?

What are the benefits of probiotics for kids?

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Have you been wondering whether you should give your children probiotics and it’s benefits?

Perhaps you’ve been worrying about your child’s immunity or your child has a limited diet and is a fussy eater.  

Dr Kate Steed, from Optibac Probiotics, joins me on the show to talk about the benefits of probiotics and the science behind how it works.

We discussed benefits of probiotics for:

  • babies
  • school aged children
  • breastfeeding women
  • pregnancy
  • acute diarrhoea


OptiBac Probiotics

Please note that below are affiliate links and recommendations of products that I use and recommend to my clients.

If your child has a medical condition then please discuss the use of probiotics with your dietitian or doctor.

Stay tuned for the corresponding blog post which will cover all about the various probiotics that I use in my clinical practice.

Would you like to know whether you are including the right foods to optimise your family’s immune system?

Grab my immunity boosting foods guide if you are looking to:

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Bahee Van de Bor is a registered paediatric dietitian with 12 years of clinical experience at a world renowned children’s hospital.  Her practice is at Harley Street.  During the coronavirus pandemic if you need advice and support from a children’s dietitian who has over 15 years working with children, then book an initial call to apply for her programs here.



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