The Sugar Trap

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  Knowledge is power and the topic of sugar is no exception.  Inspired by the sugar debate held between nutritional experts and the media, I hope this article sheds light on the truth about sugar.  Without nutritional context and accurate knowledge about how sugar intake affects your child, should you fear it?  Is fruit juice […]

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Coconut Fat – Friend or Foe?

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  How does coconut fit in with your family’s healthy eating plan?  Does it truly contain exceptional ingredients for lifelong health?  Friend or foe?  Magazines boast it’s lush properties for health whilst health professionals may warn you against throwing away your staple vegetable oils for this supposed velvety little wonder.   Do you ever think […]

Benefits of A Plant Based Diet For You and Your Family

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Plant based diet discussed for World Food Day on Sunday 16th October.  In support of this day, I wrote an article for Great Ormond Street Hospital on why you should include plant based proteins in your family’s diet.  You will find the full article published here “Specialist Paediatric Dietitian Discusses the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet.” A plant-based diet […]

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9 Easy Ways To Cut Back on Salt

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Salt.  Fancy rock sea salt.  Basic table salt.  Unbelievably there is no difference between the two.  Both still contain sodium the mineral in salt that’s linked with health problems. Minimal cost for a flavour enhancer yes, but are you willing to pay the price?  Generous intakes of salt have been linked with high blood pressure, hypertension […]

No added sugar banana and chocolate muffins (milk free) by London children's dietitian

Recipe of the Week: No Added Sugar Banana Choc Muffins

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Ever wondered what the ‘I quit sugar’ fuss was all about?  In theory, it sounds wonderful and it’s not just because we know we need to reduce our children’s intake of sugars. Is cold turkey really the answer to reducing the risk of obesity and related disease in our children?   With this no added sugar recipe you don’t […]